“Secrets Are the Fun Part”: See Selena Gomez Stir Up Trouble in a New True-Crime Comedy Series


“Do I want to break into a dead guy’s apartment and go through all his sh*t? Sounds like an afternoon,” Selena Gomez (Mabel Mora) says when neighbors Steve Martin (Charles) and Martin Short (Oliver) come knocking on her door in the new Only Murders in the Building trailer. A comedy and murder mystery all in one, the Hulu series follows the lives of three true crime-obsessed strangers who find themselves wrapped up in a real-life murder case after a gruesome death occurs inside their Upper West Side apartment complex.

Determined to document the case, the three create a podcast and work to unravel the dark secrets of their apartment building, where a killer may be lurking right around the corner. “Sometimes it’s easier to figure out someone else’s secret than it is to deal with your own,” Short’s character says in a voiceover as he retrieves a letter from his front door that reads, “End the podcast or I end you.”

In addition to taking intense style notes on Gomez’s vibrant ’70s-inspired looks, we are already jotting down clues to help solve the looming mystery. “Everybody is a suspect,” Gomez captioned the trailer on Twitter. Martin also hopped on Twitter to promote the teaser trailer, joking, “This is more than a 30-second teaser trailer for Only Murders in the Building. It’s the entire episode (we lost a lot in editing).” At 30 seconds long, the trailer doesn’t even give away enough to win a game of Clue, but we will dilligently be gathering any and all evidence we can find as we eagerly await the series premiere on Aug. 31.

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