Shanna Moakler Comes for Kourtney and Travis in the Comments of Her Insta

Shanna Moakler Comes for Kourtney and Travis in the Comments of Her Insta

Shanna Moakler just made some pretty side-eye inducing comments about her ex-husband Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian in the comments of her Instagram, amid the Kardashians’ celebrating Kourt’s 44th birthday. First of all this is the photo in question:

Shanna actually dropped several replies to followers in the comments, most notably responding to someone who wrote this:

“I hope that you get a huge apology some day for what was said on that exploitative, money grabbing, circus. ‘He’s bee through Hell.’ ‘Kourtney has filled a void for me.’ #parentalalienationawareness.”

As first reported by Page Six, Shanna seemingly referenced Kourtney in response, writing back “she post more of my kids then her own lol.”


She also replied to another commenter who had some inappropriate things to say about Travis’ dating history, saying “I love watching the TikToks about all the women he was with and no one wants to address the fact he was married 😂😂😂”

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Things have been tense between Shanna and Travis since he got together with Kourtney, and back in July of 2022 a source told Us Weekly that Shanna and Kourt fully don’t speak.

“Kourtney and Shanna don’t communicate. Shanna supports Travis and Kourtney’s relationship and co-parents well with Travis, but Shanna and Kourtney don’t have a relationship or friendship of any sort,” the source says. “That barrier has not been broken. It might get better over time, but for now, they have very separate and different lives and the kids are very much independent so they just never cross paths.”

But in April, Shanna indicated that things were less awkward. “We’re getting along.…I’m happy for that,” she told Us Weekly before calling a previous comment she made about Kourtney putting “a wedge” between her and her kids not “the best statement to make.”

“At one point in time, [his relationship] did affect my relationship with my kids, but my kids and I are in an amazing place. We have a great relationship with one another,” she said. “I’ve been a very active mother for the last two decades. My kids and I are in a great headspace.”

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