Shoppers Swear These Are the *Only* Bandeau Bras Actually Worth Shopping

Shoppers Swear These Are the *Only* Bandeau Bras Actually Worth Shopping

While all bandeau bras are strapless, not all strapless bras are bandeaus—and not all bandeaus are created equal. With stretchy fabric and a thick band on both the top and bottom for better hold, bandeaus focus more on comfort than support and shape, but you can still find a bandeau bra that keeps you feeling secure if you keep a few things in mind:

Look for removable pads

Since the majority of bandeau bras don’t have built-in molded cups, make sure your bandeau is thick enough if you want to keep your nipples from peeping through the fabric. Padding will def help add more coverage, and the most popular bandeau bras tend to have removable padded cups that you can take out for washing (or for when you want a more seamless look).

Choose one with structure

Bandeaus may just look like a simple strip of fabric that wrap around your chest, but you’ll find that the best ones include a few key components. You’ll wanna make sure your bandeau bra has some sort of elastic band or silicone strip to keep it from slipping out of place, and if you need more support, then go with a bandeau that provides structure through an underwire or even boning.

Think about how you’ll style it

Bandeau bras can be worn with tube tops, tanks, sheer tops, shirts with plunging necklines or armholes, or even on their own, and the bandeau you choose all depends on how you’ll be wearing it. If you want something you can wear under your shirt, then look for something nude, basic, and seamless, but if you want something you can show off, then feel free to go wild with colors and accents like lace.

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