So, “Barbie” Tattoos Are Trending on Instagram — and Now We Kind of Want One

So, “Barbie” Tattoos Are Trending on Instagram — and Now We Kind of Want One

You know how vintage Barbie dolls of 1960s fame all had the word “JAPAN” stamped across the bottom of their right foot? (No? Just us participating in too many virtual trivia nights?) Back then, it was merely a nod to manufacturing. Now, perhaps thanks to the surge in interest around the Barbiecore aesthetic, the surreptitious placement is getting a long-overdue — and infinitely more modern — resurgence with the latest trend blowing up on Instagram: sole tattoos.

Etched along the arch in the space between your heel and the ball of your foot, these designs are easy enough to hide with a pair of sneakers or boots . . . but are so damn cool, we guarantee you won’t want to. Exhibit A: Cara Delevingne has not one but two sole tattoos: the first that reads “BACON” (naturally) on one foot, and “Made in England” on the other. (Oh, and she also got matching “solemates” ink with friend Kaia Gerber back in 2020, just in case you questioned her dedication to the foot tattoo.) And there’s plenty more where that came from.

The most popular design, by and large, follows that same “Made in [Insert Country Here]” format, but there are countless other iterations that are just as chic. Think: hearts and smiley faces, words of affirmation, cutesy initials, and even the classic “Andy” marking Woody wears in “Toy Story.” The soles of your feet, it seems, serve as a surprisingly versatile canvas no matter your style or mood.

The only thing worth noting is that this area tends to fade quicker than regular tattoos, due in part to the constant friction between the skin and your shoe. Still, in good news for everyone, and as evidenced ahead, there’s no shortage of inspiration on Instagram. So, should you be in the market for a tiny tattoo that can help you subtly, unassumingly put your best foot forward, take a scroll.

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