Sofía Vergara Is Thriving on Her Post-Breakup Vacation in Italy

Sofía Vergara Is Thriving on Her Post-Breakup Vacation in Italy

Sofía Vergara is currently wrapping up a truly fabulous-looking trip to Italy—where she celebrated her 51st birthday in the company of friends.

Sofía embarked on the trip amid news of her divorce from Joe Manganiello breaking on July 17, and we can all agree that she seems to be absolutely thriving all things considered. As her Modern Family co-star Julie Bowen put it:

While the internet has been speculating over the state of her marriage for the past few days, Sofía’s been out here doing this:

Climbing around on balconies:

Taking selfies:

Chilling at what look to be a casual castle:

Eating dessert and dropping not-so-subtle-in-retrospect captions:

Exploring villas:

Taking more selfies:

Doing her makeup on a boat:

Just, hanging on a boat in general:

Posing on balconies:

Chillin’ in Capri:

And celebrating all her Instagram followers:

Basically, she’s living La Dolce Vita.

Reminder that according to a source who spoke to the Daily Mail, Sofía and Joe had “different attitudes” that caused them to become less connected. While initially they had a whole “opposites attract” thing going on, “the true versions of themselves started showing and they just got annoyed with each other, choosing work over hanging out.”

The source added, “Then bit by bit, they stopped wanting to be together and stopped hanging out because something so little would often trigger an attitude that would bug them, just their attitudes on everything were completely different and something like that is extremely draining for a relationship and they got to the point where it would be a good day and one thing would be said or done and they would just get upset with each other,” the source went on to say. “It added up to where now it is easier and more relaxing not being together. When people say they will be friendly, they will, but the romance part of things is over. They grew a part from something that could have been really good.”

More on their split this way:

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