Emily Ratajkowski Wore a Plunging Inamorata One-Piece That’s My New Fave Swimsuit

Emily Ratajkowski Wore a Plunging Inamorata One-Piece That’s My New Fave Swimsuit

It’s a million degrees outside and no one has invited you to their ex-boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend’s parents’ house in the Hamptons (rude), so the only thing left to do is buy cute swimsuits and wait.

And the time has come to turn your attention to Emily Ratajkowski, who dropped some new photos of herself on Instagram in a plunging black one-piece that I WILL be wearing to the nearest available pool.*

*as soon as I find one.

Pretty-but-not-completely sure that EmRata’s exact Inamorata suit is no longer available, but definitely obsessed with this black one-piece that’s also very much a summer vibe.


Emily founded Inamorata in 2017, and in 2022 told Harper’s Bazaar UK that “Having my own business and working with a group of women that I love, that are my friends… that has been so enjoyable. What I like now is that, in my career, things are more in my hands and in my control. Failures feel more like road bumps than huge losses and I feel less impacted by other people saying no.”

On the Inamorata’s website, EmRata also explains the philosophy behind her brand, saying “It is that beach attitude taken to the city. It’s not about the body—it’s about the confidence, it’s about self-love. These are pieces that are for you. Listen, if you never wear your underwear around anyone else, it doesn’t matter. It’s about how it makes you feel.”

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