Sources Dishes on Bennifer’s Relationship After Footage of Them “Fighting” in a Car Goes Viral

Sources Dishes on Bennifer’s Relationship After Footage of Them “Fighting” in a Car Goes Viral

Between that viral clip of Ben Affleck shutting Jennifer Lopez‘s car door, pics of the couple arguing on the Mother red carpet (except…they literally weren’t), and newly dusted off footage of them seemingly (emphasis on seemingly) arguing at a stop light….the internet is convinced that there’s trouble in Bennifer paradise. But according to sources, not so much!

An insider tells the Daily Mail “the narrative that they’re continually fighting is false,” and that “They’re in an incredibly good place, very loving and supportive of each other.”

The source also says the below pics (which everyone assumed were signs of an argument) were simply of them “talking about where to meet the rest of their family following the carpet for the screening.”

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los angeles premiere of netflix's "the mother" arrivals

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And that viral video of them arguing in a car? Despite the person taking it claiming Ben looked “frustrated or irritated” while J.Lo “looked a little bit sad,” a source tells Page Six “You can clearly see they are having a conversation, and she is listening to him. He’s a storyteller and can be animated when he speaks.”

Noted! Oh, and before we go, the Daily Mail also spoke to a lip reader who said Bennifer’s conversation on the red carpet simply involved J.Lo asking if she was “showing too much,” to which Ben responded that she looked fine and said “Don’t worry, babe.”

So yeah, nothing to see here!

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