Sza’s Chrome French Manicure Has An “Evil” Detail

Sza’s Chrome French Manicure Has An “Evil” Detail

Image Source: Getty/Frazer Harrison / Staff

Sza is the latest celebrity furthering the french manicure’s reign as one of the most popular looks from the last few years. On April 19, the singer posted a selfie video on her Instagram Stories. Aside from her immaculate makeup — seriously, have we found the lip combination yet? — her nails were a combination of some of everyone’s favorite trends in one.

To start, the singer’s nails were filed into a tapered-square shape and were medium length. A deep gold-chrome smile line was then painted onto each finger, creating the base for the french manicure. For nail art, each finger was suited with a 3D “evil-eye” design, save for her middle finger, which had an abstract swirl. The look was finished off with a top coat for that glossy sheen.

French manicures have been the go-to for many A-listers in Hollywood of late, thanks to their versatility. The nail look can be worn to formal events or casual outing. They are also lauded for the variety of finishes and styles that they play well with, from Hailey Bieber’s glazed-doughnut nail to the more abstract deconstructed french — the options are endless. As the singer prepares to embark on the second round of her SOS Tour, we’re sure there will be plenty more beauty moments to come. Until then, scrap any plans you had to get any other manicure but this one.

Take a closer look at Sza’s nails below.

Image Source: Instagram user @sza

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