Taylor Swift’s Postponed Show Prompts Airline to Nix Flight-Change Fee

Taylor Swift’s Postponed Show Prompts Airline to Nix Flight-Change Fee

There were tens of thousands of disappointed Taylor Swift fans after the “Anti-Hero” singer was forced to postpone Friday’s show to Sunday due to inclement weather. Now, one major airline is trying to make things a little less stressful for Swifties.

LATAM Airlines, South America’s largest carrier, announced Saturday morning on X (formerly Twitter) that it will waive fees for anyone having to change flights due to the change of plans. The airline’s verified account tweeted, “#AnteciónSwifties We know that your plans have changed, that’s why starting today we updated our flexibility policy for those who had a flight scheduled from Buenos Aires on November 11 and 12.

In a follow-up tweet the airline added, “They will be able to make changes without fines or fare difference to fly until next Friday 11/17, depending on seat availability.”

While some fans appreciated the Chile-based carrier’s gesture, other Swifties seemed frustrated that the tweet came too late since they already re-booked flights. Some fans replied asking if they can get reimbursed, and the airline responded by requesting they DM the airline their flight information.

LATAM Airlines trying to accommodate Swifties like this is highly unusual, according to industry executives who spoke to CNBC, which reported that the move is a sign of how much her tour drives bookings.

Swift was forced to postpone her Friday Eras Tour concert due to inclement weather just hours after ET confirmed that her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, had touched down in Buenos Aires to attend his girlfriend’s show.

On her night off, Swift was spotted hand in hand with the Kansas City Chiefs star on a date in Buenos Aires. She’s scheduled to resume her concert Saturday.


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