“Ted Lasso” Star Phil Dunster Reveals He Saved a Truly “Special” Memento From Set

“Ted Lasso” Star Phil Dunster Reveals He Saved a Truly “Special” Memento From Set


TBH, we’d have a Coach Beard costume on hand for emergencies, too. 😂 #TedLasso #BrendanHunt #AppleTV #Set #PhilDunster

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It seems like “Ted Lasso” is concluding with its third season, which is currently airing on Apple TV+, so when we sat down with the cast to talk about the final batch of episodes, there was something we were dying to know: What mementos did they take from set?

“I got a ‘Believe’ sign,” Phil Dunster, who plays Jamie Tartt, tells POPSUGAR. But he did something to make it even more sentimental. “I got everybody to sign a ‘Believe’ sign. That’s real special.”

“I took my home kit,” Billy Harris, who plays Welsh left winger Colin Hughes, confesses. “The one that I wore all the time.” He’s pretty sure the costume department knows he has it. “If they wanna come and try and get it off of me, they’re gonna fail,” he says. Kola Bokinni — aka the captain, Isaac McAdoo — makes his jealousy about this clear. Healso admits he has some of Isaac’s socks at home.

James Lance, who plays journalist Trent Crimm, formerly of the Independent, admits, “I did steal an AFC little Richmond badge.” Brendan Hunt, who fans know as Coach Beard, has perhaps the best keepsake of all, though: A “full” Coach Beard costume. “That I was permitted to have in case of emergencies,” he adds. “Perhaps one day I’ll wear it to Burning Man.” What could a Coach Beard emergency possibly be? He explains that he wore it last year to a fundraiser, where he performed as the character.

Cristo Fernández, aka the always-smiling Dani Rojas, admitted that he really likes the “trainers” the character wears — “They are at my house,” he admits with a smile all his own.

Jeremy Swift, who plays the sometimes bumbling, always pleasant Higgins, says that his big plans to take items from set was foiled by a practicality: their size. “I wanted to steal larger things but I couldn’t get them into the car,” he confesses.

New episodes of “Ted Lasso” stream Wednesdays on Apple TV+.

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