That’s Definitely Tom Sandoval on “The Masked Singer,” Right?

That’s Definitely Tom Sandoval on “The Masked Singer,” Right?

Tom Sandoval isn’t as slick as he thinks. “The Masked Singer” recently released the first clues for some of its tenth season’s new characters. Although there are 16 mystery celebrity singers set to compete in the upcoming episodes, one character in particular might’ve already given himself away. Under the alias the Diver (because “The Worm” might have been too obvious), the not-so secretive performer shared hints that almost certainly point to the “Vanderpump Rules” star: a man whose impressive reality television villainy is rivaled only by his devastating impact on the white nail polish industry.

Sandoval stirred up controversy after cheating on his longtime partner, Ariana Madix, with one of her close friends, Raquel Leviss. The revelation occurred during the reality show’s most recent tenth season. Since then, the fallout and continued dishonesty damaged Sandoval’s reputation, branding him as a “worm with a mustache,” in the eternal words of his castmate James Kennedy.

In addition to starring on “Vanderpump Rules,” Sandoval has been a musician for many years, recently touring with his band, Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras. So, if he really is the Diver, there’s a possibility he makes it far in the competition and remains anonymous for some time.

Read on to see why fans are pretty certain Sandoval is making his “Masked Singer” debut.

Clues That Tom Sandoval Is the Diver on “The Masked Singer”

The Diver seemed to give up his identity in a matter of words, saying he’s usually “pretty pumped” — a possible reference to the “Vanderpump Rules” reality show at the center of the #Scandoval controversy. The mystery performer lamented that these days he feels “lost in the abyss.” The Diver also alluded to his polarizing past, saying he might be “the most hated creature in the ocean right now,” which, to his credit, could be one of the more astute observations to ever make it out of Sandoval.

Throwing all subtlety to the wayside, the Diver really sealed the deal by unveiling a picture of a cardinal as his first official clue. The cardinal is associated with the city of St. Louis, which is — you guessed it — Sandoval’s hometown.

See the Diver perform on “The Masked Singer” for the first time Wednesday Sept. 27 for more insight into his true identity.

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