‘The Bachelor’ Joey Has ‘Butterflies’ in First Footage from His Season

‘The Bachelor’ Joey Has ‘Butterflies’ in First Footage from His Season

Joey Graziadei‘s journey for love is fast approaching! On Thursday, ABC announced that season 28 of The Bachelor will premiere on Jan. 22, and unveiled the first footage of Joey’s journey too.

In the short preview, which aired during the penultimate episode of The Golden Bachelor, Joey assures fans he’s ready for love after experiencing heartbreak on Charity Lawson‘s season of The Bachelorette.

“I just feel the most ready that I’ve ever been to be in an engagement, a marriage,” the 28-year-old tennis pro says as brief shots from his season are shown on screen. “I get butterflies.”

When ET spoke to Joey before filming for his season kicked off, he expressed confidence about the journey ahead.

“I appreciate the love and support, but I really am excited to do it my own way,” Joey said of what he messaged back to former Bachelors Ben Higgins and Arie Luyendyk Jr. after they reached out offering advice. “I don’t think I really need to look for advice from anyone. I think I’ve just got to look within. I’m here for a reason and I’m gonna do my best to show that.”

As for how he feels about finding love on TV, Joey said, “I didn’t think this was the way I was going to be doing it back in the day, but I’ve fully committed to it now. The excitement’s great. I’m glad people are happy to see me try to find my person. I think they’re excited about this season and I am too.”

When it comes to what he’s looking for in a wife, Joey said he’ll “definitely just know” when the right woman comes along.

“I think it might be those intangibles I can’t explain,” he said of his perfect partner. “I definitely want someone who’s outgoing, fun, can make me laugh, can really be willing to take on life together… It’s gonna be a vibe thing. I think there’s gonna be a lot of amazing women that bring a lot of different things to the table, so for me, it’s just gonna be trying to pay attention to what fits, what feels right.”

He added, “I think this is gonna really be exciting and fun, to meet people from different walks of life that are… excited to kind of give everything they have to find that person. That alone gets me excited.”

Season 28 of The Bachelor will premiere Monday, Jan. 22 on ABC. Follow along with Joey Graziadei‘s journey for love with ET’s coverage of the show.



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