‘The Company You Keep’ Canceled by ABC After One Season

‘The Company You Keep’ Canceled by ABC After One Season

ABC’s hottest new drama is The Company You Keep. This show has it all: spies, sex, cons, luxury hotels, and, of course, Milo Ventimiglia and Catherine Haena Kim. The actors star as a con man and an undercover CIA officer whose romantic spark gets in the way of their professional duties.

The series is an adaptation of a South Korean series titled My Fellow Citizens!. Taking your typical rom-con (get it?) story a step further, The Company You Keep tells the story of two families. Charlie Nicoletti (Milo Ventimiglia) is a con man leading a family of con artists, working alongside his sister and parents to take money from the worst among us—noble, Robin Hood–esque criminals, if you will. Emma Hill (Catherine Haena Kim) comes from a powerful political family, dubbed “the Asian American Kennedys,” her father a former governor and her brother a senator.


When the pair of legally crossed lovers meet in a hotel bar, Charlie has just been dumped and out-conned by his fiancée and Emma has just learned her partner has been having an affair. They spend the weekend together at the hotel, drinking, flirting, and presumably not sleeping. They go their separate ways, but it’s not long before they meet again, this time at a political gala. Charlie is there to (you guessed it) orchestrate a con, and Emma is there (you guessed it again) with her family. From there, the pair’s connection becomes impossible to ignore, kicking off a season-long game of cat and mouse as they work through their unusual work-life balance.

Will this be more than a one-season wonder? Here’s what we know.

So, Will There Be a Season 2 of The Company You Keep?

Sadly, no. ABC has made the decision to not renew the show after its first season. While it does seem like ratings have played a factor, it also seems like ABC was harsher with its cancellations this year as long-time favorite Big Sky and Hilary Swank-led series Alaska Daily were also given the axe.

This means that the season 1 closer also serves as the series finale unless someone else decides to pick it up.

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