‘The Crown’s Meg Bellamy on Filming Kate Middleton’s Runway Moment

‘The Crown’s Meg Bellamy on Filming Kate Middleton’s Runway Moment

As The Crown closes in on its series finale, newcomer Meg Bellamy spoke to ET about her experience recreating Kate Middleton‘s iconic runway outfit in 2002. 

“This has all been very surreal,” Bellamy told ET of her experience playing the current Princess of Wales. “It’s a great time.” 

Season 6 of The Crown depicts the now-princess during her courtship with Prince William, played by Ed McVey, at St. Andrews in the early 2000s. Of her various appearances in the show’s upcoming final four episodes, one will feature the famous catwalk that Kate walked in college, featuring a now-famous sheer dress and underwear. 

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“It was a lot of fun,” Bellamy said of the scene, which the show’s trailer teased last month. “It was definitely nerve-wracking before, but just so much fun. The director made everyone feel so comfortable, and the music was pumping, the crowds were cheering, so it was actually a really electric day and it felt cool to be wearing a kind of iconic piece of history.” 

Bellamy sees her part of the show as a fitting end to the show, which has been lauded for its representation of Queen Elizabeth’s history. For viewers, Kate is a way of connecting the old with the new. 

“It’s far enough away that it’s still historical,” she said. “It’s bringing in the people that we know today, touching on the modern royals, but not documenting what they did yesterday.” 

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Because the show portrays Princess Kate’s earlier years, Bellamy says there was more freedom in how to portray her onscreen. “Nobody knows how [Kate and William] interacted when they were at university together, there’s no documentation or videos of their conversations, so it’s all kind of creative license, which is really fun to play with from an acting standpoint,” she said. 

Though Bellamy’s run as Kate may now be over, she did bring a memory with her. “I just took a little notepad, I was doing a waitress scene and I had like a flip notepad and I just go everyone in the scene to sign it,” she said. 

Prince William announced his engagement to Kate on Nov. 16, 2010. They wed on Apr. 29, 2011, thus making her a princess, and, as wife of the future king, the future Queen Consort. 

The Crown Season 6: Part 2 will release on Netflix on Dec. 14. 


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