The “Inner-Corner Pop” Eye-Makeup Trend Is Taking Over Social Media This Summer


Creating a flawless, symmetrical wing is not an easy task — let alone a graphic-eyeliner masterpiece. Since so many of the latest makeup trends involve an eyeliner look of some sort, it can be hard to get in on the action — but not anymore. The “inner-corner pop” eye-makeup trend is making a big splash for summer 2021, and it’s surprisingly easy to do with little to no makeup skills to speak of.

Unlike the twisted lines and intricate shapes of the graphic-eyeliner trend, the “inner-corner pop” makeup trend is more about making an impact with color than the design shape itself. The makeup look has been trending for a couple of months, but as people try to add more color into their routine for summer, it’s making more appearances on Instagram and TikTok feeds.

The concept behind the eye-makeup look is simple: add a pop of color to the inner corner of your eye. Because there are no rules in makeup, you can do it with eyeshadow or eyeliner and pair it with additional eye makeup or wear it alone — it’s up to your makeup mood. Popular color choices include bright and neon yellows, blues, and pinks for a big statement.

To re-create the inner-corner-pop makeup trend at home using liner, simply grab your favorite product and trace the inside corner of your eye. We like the About-Face Summer Shadowstick in Ready Set Saffron ($21), a bright yellow color; the Revlon So Fierce! Chrome Ink Liquid Eyeliner in Ultraviolet Foil ($11), a metallic lavender; and the Kulfi Beauty Underlined Kajal Eyeliner in Rain Check ($20), a deep blue.

To use eyeshadow, grab a small brush, swirl it around in your color of choice, tap off the excess, and blend it into the inner corner of your eye. Try it with the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Pigment Palette in Kiss My Sun Rays ($5) using the bright yellow shade; the Makeup By Mario Master Metals Eyeshadow Palette ($48); or the BH Cosmetics Remix Dance 80’s 15 Color Shadow Palette ($18) for lots of options.

Ahead, check out more photos of the inner-corner-pop eye-makeup trend, and prepare to feel inspired.

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