The “Never Have I Ever” Cast Say Farewell After 4 Seasons: “What a Ride It’s Been”

The “Never Have I Ever” Cast Say Farewell After 4 Seasons: “What a Ride It’s Been”

Kaling also shared a passionate message on Instagram on the day of “Never Have I Ever”‘s season four premiere in Los Angeles, writing, “Tonight is the premiere of season four – the final season! – of ‘Never Have I Ever.’ Lang and I aren’t going to be at the premiere (#wgastrong!) so it was really important that I tell our cast and crew how much I love them, and how sad I am not to be joining them. @maitreyiramakrishnan, @poornagraphy, @richamoorjani, @jarenlewison, @darrenbarnet, @leerodriguez, @ramonabishyoung, @ranjichakra, @benanorris, @sendhil_rama, @megansuri, I love you guys so much. When @loulielang and I created a show about an Indian girl making her way through high school, grieving the loss of her father but trying to be cool and normal, we wanted to make something personal that the two of us would want to watch. To feel better about missing our dead parents and shine a light on the experience of being headstrong nerds in high school.”

Kaling went on to write that “the outpouring of love for the show has been the highlight of my career,” adding, “I love what I get to do, and I understand how lucky I am to be able to work in Hollywood at all. I hope the strike ends soon. It sucks to miss all these fun and meaningful milestones, but it’s a great example of what we are willing to sacrifice to be treated fairly.”

She concluded her caption by writing, “I love you, my Never Have I Ever cast and crew. Send me tons of texts and pics from the premiere. And to the fans around the world – enjoy the new season. We could only make this show because of you! Lang and I are so grateful to everyone who watched the show! Never Have I Ever… loved a creative experience more than this. ❤️.”

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