The Sweet Way A$AP Rocky Has Been Supporting Rihanna During Super Bowl Prep

The Sweet Way A$AP Rocky Has Been Supporting Rihanna During Super Bowl Prep

Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show is on Sunday (and also a football game is on, I guess), and she’s been preparing for months. And A$AP Rocky has been supporting her the entire way through.

“A$AP has been very supportive throughout her preparation and has really been stepping up his parenting game while she has been busy with rehearsals,” a source told Entertainment Tonight, adding, “[A$AP] and her son plan to be there supporting her during her big day.”

“Rihanna has been preparing for her Super Bowl LVII halftime show for months and wants it to be the most iconic performance,” the source revealed. “She really kicked things into gear and got right to work after she received the call. She has been nonstop in the studio, in design meetings, and working out to make sure she is fully prepared. Rihanna has been very hands on with every detail throughout the entire process. It is super exciting for her to get back out there and perform since having her son and she feels rejuvenated after taking some time off.”

The insider also noted that “being a mother has changed her entire perspective on work and life in general and her son has given her even more meaning to her music. She is so excited to showcase that in her performance. There will be lots of color and messaging, and she wants it to be memorable. It is a huge deal to her and she is taking it very seriously.”

Rihanna herself dished about what to expect in the show, so head below for alllll the details:

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