The Ultimate Guide to Clothing Rentals in the UK

The Ultimate Guide to Clothing Rentals in the UK

The future of fashion is the community closet; multi-brand clothing rental websites and apps at every price point. It’s no secret that the fashion and textiles industry is a major player in our global waste problem, alongside the dangers of oil and agriculture. We still have quite a way to go if we want to close the loop on circular fashion, but the growing fashion rental economy is helping to push our consumption in a more sustainable direction.

In the past few years, the fashion rental economy has grown at an exceptional rate. American company Rent the Runway was one of the first big names in the rental business, and it’s still going strong a whole decade layer. Since then, the UK has quickly followed suit with dozens of fashion rental websites and apps, specialising in everything from certified vintage gems to peer-to-peer lending, and even niche companies like Cocoon that only rents luxury handbags.

We’ve scoured the web to find you the absolute best fashion rental websites and apps that will elevate your wardrobe, while cutting your consumption in half.

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