‘The View’s’ Ana Navarro Slams Jada Pinkett Smith’s Separation Reveal

‘The View’s’ Ana Navarro Slams Jada Pinkett Smith’s Separation Reveal

Ana Navarro is not impressed with Jada Pinkett Smith‘s recent revelations about her marriage to Will Smith. On Wednesday’s episode of The View, the panelist spoke candidly about Jada coming out with the news that she and the Oscar winner have been secretly separated for seven years.

“Why do I know so much about these people’s marriage? I mean, literally, I feel like I know more about their marriage than I know about my own damn marriage,” Navarro, who has been married to Al Cárdenas since 2019, quipped. “I don’t need to know all of this. I just want to watch reruns of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Bad Boys… just leave this out of my head.”

While some of the other panelists commended Jada for her “brave” confession, Navarro remained more cynical about the motives behind the actress’ announcement. 

“I think she’s having a relationship with her bank account because every time she’s needing to increase the ratings of the Red Table, every time she needs to sell books, I find it unseemly,” she said, referencing Jada’s since-ended Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk, and her upcoming memoir, Worthy

“I find it smart,” Joy Behar noted.

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Navarro warned, “Be careful of anybody who pretends to have a perfect marriage.” 

Panelist Sunny Hostin disagreed with Navarro’s comments, saying, “I think it has less to do with money, she has plenty of money.”

Jada has come out with several bombshell revelations about her marriage to Will ahead of the release of her memoir, Worthy

Excerpts from the book have been released as well as a preview of Jada’s emotional interview with Today‘s Hoda Kotb, in which she shared details of her secret separation.

“Yes, it was not a divorce on paper, but it was a divorce,” Jada explained.

As to why she chose not to publicly share this information until now, Jada said, “I think just not being ready yet. Still trying to figure out between the two of us how to be in a partnership, and in regards to how do we present that to people, you know? And we hadn’t figured that out.”

In her interview with People, Jada also opened up about Will slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, and shared a surprising revelation that the comedian allegedly asked her out in 2016 amid divorce rumors. 


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