‘The Voice’: Bobby Womack’s Niece JaRae Stuns the Coaches

‘The Voice’: Bobby Womack’s Niece JaRae Stuns the Coaches

JaRae Womack wowed the coaches with her Blind Audition on Monday’s The Voice — but she already has performing in her blood!

The 35-year-old Florida native took the stage with a boisterious, soulful performance of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” that earned her a four-chair turn from Reba McEntireJohn LegendGwen Stefani and Niall Horan.

Prior to her audition, however, JaRae told the Voice cameras about the generational love for music that runs in her family.

“My grandfather is amazing, he’s Cecil Womack,” she shared. “He was in a group called The Valentinos, Sam Cooke started their career. He did his own solo career… and my uncle Bobby Womack, he ventured off and did his own solo career, and now it’s time for Jarae Womack!”

JaRae proved in her performance that she’s certainly ready to make a name for herself, prompting a wave of love from the coaches.

“That was insane!” Niall marveled, praising JaRae for making the song her own in the “standout performance.”

Reba made JaRae emotional when she said the song “touched her soul,” while Gwen praised her for showing her heart through the “powerful” rendition. “That’s the whole reason that we do music, right?” she noted.

John also nearly brought the singer to tears with his effusive praise. 

“There’s also something about soul that’s genre-less,” he explained. “I couldn’t tell if you were a soul singer, necessarily, but I could tell you were a soulful singer, which means something about it is authentic and true and passionate. You owned the song, you lived in the song and you were speaking honestly through music.”

Ultimately, John’s heartfelt pitch had JaRae deciding to join Team Legend!

When ET spoke with the coaches ahead of the season 24 premiere, Reba said that Gwen, Niall and John have welcomed her to the show “warmly, like a sister.” However, she noted that the friendly vibes go away when it’s time to get down to business.

“They’ve helped me, they’ve guided me and taught me, and then after I learned up to that point, then they say, ‘You’re on your own,'” she recalled.

“We still want to beat her,” John agreed with a laugh. 

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. PT/ET on NBC.


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