Therabody Launches New TheraFace Mask and RecoveryTherm

Therabody Launches New TheraFace Mask and RecoveryTherm

Therabody‘s best-selling massage guns are on just about every gift guide list and for good reason — the TheraGun is one of the most convenient therapies for treating muscle pain. The brand just dropped two new devices to give you professional-quality treatments in the comfort of your own home. 

The latest product from Therabody is the TheraFace mask, an FDA-cleared skincare device that harnesses the power of LED lights to treat skin below the surface.

The TheraFace mask features red light therapy to stimulate collagen production, infrared therapy to boost circulation, blue light therapy to fight acne-causing bacteria and vibration therapy to ease facial tension. In a clinical study, 96% of participants saw overall healthier-looking skin and agreed skin looks and feels smoother.

We know what you’re thinking — spending nearly $600 on a skincare device is exorbitant. But think about how much it costs to see an esthetician for multiple facial sessions, not to mention dermatologist appointments and skincare products. All things considered, the TheraFace practically pays for itself.

Therabody’s other new launch is the RecoveryTherm Cube, an all-in-one muscle and joint pain reliever that uses three different therapeutic methods to treat injuries, reduce inflammation and maximize recovery.

Whether you’re constantly in the gym or generally prone to aching joints and muscles, this recovery cube is a worthy investment to deliver quick relief. But don’t just take Therabody’s word for it — listen to this rave review:

“This is the best invention for athletes and former athletes or just anyone in constant general pain aches,” praised one reviewer. “If you hate having a bunch of different products (heating pads, ice packs, and pain relief patches) this is the item for you. To be able to have a product that ices, heats or has a setting that does both is incredibly useful. It gets very cold and hot. The adjustable velcro straps give it a variety of locations on the body possible for use. Definitely worth it!”


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