These Adorable Pins Are Like Earrings For Your House Plants


As if house plants don’t liven up your home enough, now you can make them feel even more elevated with adorable pins. Plants pins are magnetic pins made to go on the leaves of your house plants, and goodness do they lighten the mood. If you’re having a bad day or are in need of a good laugh, glance on over to your house plants covered in pins for relief. The adorable ornaments come in all kinds of designs like sunglasses, butterflies, pineapples, and more, and give your house plants an added touch of personality — especially if your plants have fun names like David Rose or Christofern. Pick up a pin for your green leaf-loving friends, stick them on the plants of your local coffee shop, or harbor them all for yourself — they’re good for anything! Check out these adorable plant decorations for yourself ahead.

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