These Diffusers Will Make Your Curls Look Incredible

These Diffusers Will Make Your Curls Look Incredible

How do diffusers work?

“Diffusers essentially diffuse the air coming out of the dryer, so it reduces the velocity and spreads it out further, which is great for mimicking air-drying,” says Lopez. While a traditional blow dryer pushes air out and causes frizz, a diffuser will just gentle dry hair without any friction.

Who should be using a diffuser?

“I would say anyone who wants to mimic air-drying, or perhaps encourage some volume in their natural waves or curls,” says Lopez. “And of course, someone with curly hair.” Diffusers are great for anyone who wants to add a bit more volume to their styles as well.

How do you prefer to use a diffuser?

“First, I just really rotate the diffuser around the head and around the hair, without touching or manipulating the hair at all until a cast starts to form from the product that you use,” says Lopez. “Then, once a cast starts to form and you want to start building volume, you can tilt your head side-to-side or flip upside down gently and then encourage some volume and some more curl.”

Do you have any tips or tricks to maximum volume or curl when using a diffuser?

“I would just say wait until your hair is completely dry before you start cupping it to encourage the curl,” says Lopez. “The more you touch your hair while it’s drying, the more you are going to encourage frizz. So I always tell people to let the hair dry first to at least 85-90%, basically almost completely dry, before you start cupping it and encouraging volume, so you don’t have as much frizz.”

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