These Quotes Describe Virgos Perfectly (Because They’ll Settle for Nothing Less)

These Quotes Describe Virgos Perfectly (Because They’ll Settle for Nothing Less)

Virgo might be one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. First, there’s the name: Virgo, meaning “the virgin.” Born between August 23 and September 22, Virgos are earth signs, meaning they are super sensual and prioritize physical pleasure—they are just a little picky about their partners and want to make sure they’re worth their time.

Similarly, Virgos are sometimes stereotyped as being modest, but really, they’re just a little guarded. Sure, they might seem shy or reserved at first, but once they get to know you, they’ll let their dark, sarcastic humor fly. They’re ruled by Mercury, so Virgos have *excellent* communication skills. And they make for incredibly loyal, generous friends. As mutable signs, they know how to see all sides of every situation…and choose the right move.

Virgos are probably best known as super-smart, super-analytical perfectionists—they won’t settle for anything but the best. And even then, they’ll try to improve it. These traits are why so many Virgos are superstars in their chosen career paths (hi, Beyoncé), but as many Virgos will tell you, their perfectionistic tendencies also mean they often overwork themselves and need to carve out time to relax in their (color-coded) schedule. Give your Virgo bestie a sheet mask and tell them to use their PTO, because they need a vacation!

Trying to understand a Virgo or just seeking the perfect caption for your (or your Virgo BFF’s) b-day Instagram post? These quotes might help.

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Astrology Quotes About Virgo

“When life feels chaotic, Virgo will tidy up.” — astrologer Chani Nicholas for O, the Oprah Magazine

“There’s a saying that goes, ‘If you want something done right, hire a Virgo.’ Actually, it’s not a real saying—but it should be.” — Astrology for Happiness and Success, by Mecca Woods

“Virgos are more or less the canonized saints of friendship. Their empathy is limitless and comes with action.” — Astro Poets: Your Guides to the Zodiac, by Alex Dimitrov and Dorothea Lasky

“Some of the most beautiful expressions of Virgo come from the intersection they nurture between communication and the physical body. Whoever was the first wise voice to say ‘Just listen to your body’ was probably a Virgo.” — Queer Cosmos, by Colin Bedell

“The Virgo believes in the concept of perfection and strives to achieve it, no matter how humanly possible.” — Love in the Stars, by Brad Kronen

“Every silver lining has a cloud. This in a nutshell describes the outlook of many Virgos. They really are the worriers for the world.” — Virgo, by Christina Walker

“Virgos are unquestionably dependable and sincere.” — Sun Signs, by Linda Goodman

Quotes by famous Virgos

“I am 100 per cent Virgo, stubborn, over-organized, slightly abstracted from the rest of the world.” —Paulo Coehlo

“Virgos are very faithful. I’m a faithful friend. I’m a faithful lover.” —Karl Lagerfeld

“I’m a Virgo, so I’m a super hard lover. I fall in love so quickly!” — Justine Sky

“If astrology is real, I guess I’m a pretty quintessential Virgo.” —Ian Harding

“I’m never satisfied, man. I’m Virgo. We overanalyze and we’re never satisfied. So I’m gonna keep going ’till the wheels fall off.” —Wale

“I wish I did have time to relax, but I’m a Virgo and it’s just not in me.” — Eva Marie

“Anything that controls my state of mind I never really want to do because I always want to be under control. That might be part of me being a Virgo. I never want to do something that stops me from being in control of who I am and my actions.” — Keke Palmer

“I am a Virgo to a T!…I like to think outside the box. I don’t believe in the answer ‘no.’ I am extremely driven and extremely critical—sometimes overly critical. Sometimes it is one of the things that I have to work on. I am a control freak. I pay attention to details. When I do something, I do it 100 percent. I have high expectations of myself and expect the same thing of everyone around me. I’ve always been that way. I am all or nothing.” —Beyoncé

“I do it best when I do it myself. I’m a Virgo and I know what I like.” —Zendaya

“Virgos are very down-to-earth. She’s an earth mother and also very picky. So I’m very picky, and I’m a perfectionist to a fault. I’m also very critical…but Virgos tend to be very critical of others and of the people around them—especially people they love. But in the end, they’re really the most critical of themselves, which pretty much sums me up.” —Sanaa Lathan

“I’m such a big-time Virgo: I’m a perfectionist, I’m very critical, and I like to be the leader.” —Lili Reinhart

“When I was dancing, I felt in control and happy. I’m a Virgo, so I really like to be in control.” —Misty Copeland

“[I’m] a perfectionist Virgo, constantly qualifying and rethinking.” —Michelle Williams

“I’m kind of psychotic and I like to talk about things. I’m a Virgo, too, so I like to analyze and overprocess.” —Pink

“I’m a Virgo and the sign is a virgin. So when I was 16, I got the word ‘virgin’ tattooed on my wrist, thinking I was sooo deep and cool. And now I just look really weird having ‘virgin’ written across my wrist and I have to explain it.” —Nicole Richie

Virgo song lyrics

“I wish he was a Virgo, same sign as me / And know how to show me love.” — “Signs,” by Beyoncé

“I can be the one that takes you there / And I need more nudity and ecstasy, oh / On this magic ride, woo, yeah, yeah, yeah.” Virgo’s Groove,” by Beyoncé

“Vibrations / High vibrations / Virgo season Virgo season.” — “Virgo Season,” by Famus AAA

“I told him I’m a Virgo / He said, ‘Me too, honey, see, you’re the world to me.’” —“Virgo,” by Jadu Jadu

“Won’t you come and chill out with the Virgo?” —“Virgo,” by Ludacris feat. Nas and Doug E. Fresh

“The affection of a Virgo / Which sign matches good with mine?” —“Signs,” by Beyoncé

“I got Virgo tendencies / Cross me once and it’s over.” — “Virgo Tendencies,” by Keke Palmer

“Seen some virgin Virgos hanging out with Venus bitches / Started with a rhyme from old ancient times.” —“Twinkle,” by Erykah Badu

“But if you need to know / I’m a Virgo / I’m always in my head.” —“Just That Type of Girl,” by Jennifer Hudson

“It’s a Virgo world for real.” —“Virgo World,” by Lil Yachty feat. Lil Tecca

“No more Virgos/ no more little September boys / buy me Waitrose / Give me just enough to keep me nice.” —”No More Virgos,” by CMAT

Quotes with Virgo energy

“I’m always in search for perfection. If it’s not perfect, I’m back to the drawing board.” —Venus Williams

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” —Walt Disney

“I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.” —Beyoncé

“Perfectionism doesn’t allow practice shots.” —The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron

“Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time.” —Voltaire

“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends.” —Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” —William Morris

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