This $16 Amazon Nail Repair Kit Has Saved My Manicure Countless Times

This $16 Amazon Nail Repair Kit Has Saved My Manicure Countless Times

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As a former nail biter (a habit I’ve had through my entire childhood, only shaking it in college), I take great pride in my manicures. I try to keep my fingertips freshly painted either by doing them myself at home or by getting regular BIAB nails. But even without biting, I still struggle to keep my fingernails long and healthy. I’m prone to breakage — and a lot of it. Whenever my nails reach a certain length they tend to crack, split, or just straight-up break off. I’ve tried implementing different routines and habits to avoid the problem in the first place — taking Biotin, wearing gloves while doing the dishes, applying growth treatments — but unfortunately, things still happen. That’s why I bought myself the Karlash Nail Repair Kit for Broken Cracked Split Nails ($16, originally $19).

This trusty kit has saved me from countless manicure mishaps in just a few short months and, as a result, I can’t stop telling people about it. Ahead, keep reading to learn more about this nail repair kit, including what it contains and how to use it.

About the Karlash Nail Repair Kit for Broken Cracked Split Nails

  • This at-home nail kit was designed to mimic the process of a professional repair.
  • It contains four items: brush-on clear gel glue resin, gel powder, a buffer, and a nail file.
  • The gel powder is non-toxic, odor-free, and non-yellowing.
  • It works to provide your nails with maximum strength to avoid cracks, breaks, rips, and tears.

What I Like About the Karlash Nail Repair Kit

The idea to buy a nail repair kit came to me after getting a professional manicure. The nail on my thumb had recently split right where it’s attached to my skin but hadn’t torn off completely. Upon showing the technician this predicament, she pulled out a series of products from her drawer and got to work on repairing it. She used what looked like dip powder and glue to reattach the torn nail before we continued with the rest of my manicure. I was blown away by how well her solution worked and instantly decided that I needed to get one for myself. It didn’t take very long to stumble upon a well-reviewed, affordable kit on Amazon that had everything I needed.

The Karlash Nail Repair Kit for Broken Cracked Split Nails is cheap but effective. It comes with four items: brush-on clear gel glue resin, gel powder, a buffer, and a nail file. The included instructions are clear and easy to follow. Once you experience a tear, crack, or split in your nail, you simply follow the six steps to fix it at home — no emergency nail salon visit required.

The first time I used this nail kit, it took me approximately five minutes to master, and it completely saved my manicure. I was able to repair a split in my thumb, repolish the nail, and continue business as usual without any issues. It worked so well, it kept the torn nail intact until the break had grown out enough that I could cut it down.

How to Use the Karlash Nail Repair Kit

The instructions for using the Karlash Nail Repair Kit are straightforward. After experiencing a break, carefully remove your polish and start by using the included buffer to create a smooth surface. Then, with the brush-on gel glue resin, you apply a thin coat of the adhesive to the entire broken nail, paying extra close attention to the area of concern. While the glue is still wet, you dip your finger into the small jar of dipping powder to create the first layer of protection. After gently tapping off any extra powder residue, you repeat the glue and powder process one or two more times (as you see fit) to make the nail even stronger.

Once you feel it’s supported enough, you use the file and buffer to achieve your desired shape and smooth out any bumps on the nail’s surface. Now you’re done with the repair process and ready to complete your manicure with a coat of polish to lock everything in.

What to Consider Before Trying the Karlash Nail Repair Kit

The Karlash Nail Repair Kit is truly a miracle set that has saved me from having to cut down all of my broken nails. (Which anyone who’s experienced breakage knows really, really sucks.) Just keep in mind that the gel powder does make the nail noticeably thicker to keep the crack from getting worse. For this reason, I like to take an extra few seconds to buff it smooth. It’s also worth noting that although the powder is clear, you can still see the residue on the nail’s surface, which is why it’s recommended to apply polish on top.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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