This 20-Minute Upper-Body Workout Includes the “Rug Pull,” and It’s Intense!


If you’re tired of doing bodyweight-only workouts but you don’t have access to fitness equipment, CFSC-certified trainer Allison Burke shared this 20-minute upper-body workout you can do with a rug or mat, a small pillow, and a bag of books. When training clients over the past year, many of them didn’t have access to equipment, so it inspired Burke to get creative!
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The rug slide pull and the supine floor row are moves I’ve never seen before but are great ways to work your upper body. And make sure the books you grab are thick, because you’ll need them for bicep curls and to elevate your knees for push-ups. I love that this video includes a five-minute warmup, but after the workout, make sure you do a cooldown and include a few of these upper-body stretches.

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