This Brand Is Our Go-To For Stylish and Comfortable Sofas, and Everything Is on Sale!

This Brand Is Our Go-To For Stylish and Comfortable Sofas, and Everything Is on Sale!

Sofa shopping has evolved beyond the days of having to choose between whatever is in stock at big-box stores or having to pay a ton of money and wait for longer shipping times for custom pieces. Direct-to-consumer furniture brands have swooped in to disrupt the most frustrating aspects of online shopping, especially when making a purchase as monumental as a sofa. One of our favorite DTC brands with an incredible selection of comfortable sofas is Castlery. The brand focuses on creating modern, cool, and practical pieces that range from beds to storage. They incorporate trends, but don’t rely on them. Instead, their quality pieces are built to last, all at fair prices.

What to Look For When Buying a Couch From Castlery

There are lots of factors to consider when buying a sofa, like size, fabric, style, function, and cost. For guidance on the details that matters most, we tapped interior design experts Bradley Odom and Jennifer Hunter for their best sofa-shopping tips. When it comes to materials, Odom looks for cushions that have sinuous springs wrapped in foam and down. “No matter how many times you sit in one spot, the cushion will always bounce back,” he says. If you’re tight on square footage, Odom advises searching for sofas with narrow arms. “Wide arms add to the larger footprint without adding to the usable seat space,” he points out. Hunter prefers sleeker frames and sofas with bench seating. “It tricks the eye into appearing longer by not breaking up the seats,” she says. If you want your sofa to perform double duty as a sleeper, Owens has an invaluable tip to make sure your space can accommodate it. “Pay close attention to the dimensions of the sleeper mechanism when fully extended,” she warns.

Material also plays a vital role; durable fabrics like polyester are easy to clean and perfect for kids or pet owners. If you want an alternative to fabric, leather sofas have a timeless look and spills can easily be wiped. That said, they are prone to scratching, which may be a problem if you have pets. Most importantly, don’t forget to measure your space and pay close attention to the sofa’s dimensions. This way you can determine if you need a smaller silhouette like a loveseat, or if you have room for a large, cozy sectional. Luckily, Castlery has all of these options and beyond.

Is Castlery a Good Furniture Brand?

Constructed with quality upholstery like top-grain leathers and performance fabrics, Castlery’s sofas not only look and feel good, but are also made to last. Many of their sofa styles offer hardwood frames and sinuous springs for a solid foundation that bounces back, no matter how much use it gets. With fill that ranges from feather blends for cloud-like plushness to high-quality foam for resilience, their cushions are comfortable yet supportive.

How We Make Our Sofa Selections

As sofa connoisseurs, our POPSUGAR editors have tested dozens in their own homes with many of our favorite sofas being from Castlery. Whether it’s an ultra-modern, modular sofa like the Castlery Todd Chaise Side Sofa ($1,749 originally $1,849) or the elegant and small-space-friendly Castlery Dawson Sofa ($1,899, originally $1,999), our reviews of Castlery sofas run the gamut. If you’re in the market for a sofa, we’ve curated our top picks from Castlery based on our editor product reviews, expert tips, and market research to help you choose the best one for you. Our top pick is the Castlery Hamilton Sofa ($1,799 originally $1,899) for its deep, plush cushions and clean lines. It’s even an editor favorite, and you can read more details in this Castlery Hamilton Sofa review.

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