This Hack Gave Me Sculpted Cheekbones With Just Concealer

This Hack Gave Me Sculpted Cheekbones With Just Concealer

One of the best parts about makeup is there are no rules. In fact, there are countless ways to achieve your makeup aesthetic of choice, and each new technique requires a level of creativity that is integral to keeping the beauty community thriving. Case in point? The latest hack to take TikTok by storm that promises to sculpt your cheekbones without any traditional highlighters but with concealer instead.

Seen on popular TikToker Nikki Joy, the hack involves placing concealer on top of your cheekbones, which accentuates the area and gives your face a more lifted appearance overall. I liked the idea that the technique required fewer products, so I knew I had to try the hack for myself.

To start, first I gathered my materials: the Kosas Revealer Concealer ($28) in the shade 07N, the Sephora Collection 56 Foundation Brush ($30), and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Magic Touch Concealer ($29) in the shade 18. I first spot concealed with the Anastasia Beverly Hills formula to give myself a more flawless base to work with. Then, as seen in the video, I placed concealer on my inner corners, above my cheekbones, on the bridge of my nose, and on my chin and forehead. Because this will come into play later, I do want to note that I accidentally used a thicker stripe of concealer on the right side of my face and the appropriate amount on the left.

I began by blending out the concealer in my inner-eye corners. I have quite a few creases and some discoloration in my eye area, so I often skip eyeshadow or concealer to save myself the headache. As to be expected, blending the concealer over this area added a bit of brightness, but the real magic happened when I started blending over my cheekbone.

Starting with the right side (which is the area that had the thicker stripe), I blended the concealer upward toward my temples. This gave me an immediate lifting effect that I thought was a bit of a fluke at first — until I got to the other side of my face. Blending the thinner stripe concealer on my left cheek made me notice a few things. One: that side of my face did not look as lifted as the right, and two: my dark circles were still extremely prominent. If I wanted to get the brightened undereye look that I prefer, I would have to add more concealer.

I have found that the perk of many of these concealer hacks are that they make my face feel less weighed down by product — this one allowed me to skip the full highlighter step. That is also the case for this trend; my skin still felt light enough to where my pores weren’t screaming at me, but the places that I wanted to be covered, were.

Surprisingly, the area that had the thicker stripe of concealer also provided more of the lifting effect that I was expecting. I presume it was because there was simply more product on my face to blend out, but even with me blending the majority of the concealer up to my hairline, having more product on my cheek initially allowed the bit that was left over for my undereye to blend seamlessly with the inner corner area that I blended out previously — the combination of the two is what really gave the “lifted” effect. There was no darkness under my eye to take away from the contrast of color on my cheek and therefore that entire side of my face looked more lifted than the other.

I actually really liked this hack and will definitely use it again. It’s perfect for a quick makeup look before rushing out the door (a predicament I often find myself in), while still giving my skin room to breathe. While I will always love a good full face, when I want to tone it done but still get impactful results, this will now be my go-to technique.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Ariel Baker

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