This Is How Tracee Ellis Ross Does Leg Day

This Is How Tracee Ellis Ross Does Leg Day

Image Source: Getty / Kristina Bumphrey

Tracee Ellis Ross puts in serious work on leg day. The actor and beauty-business owner recently shared snippets of her workout in an Instagram video on Oct. 4 with the caption, “Getting it in!” Ross demonstrated seven different exercises targeting her lower body and glutes, and they looked beyond impressive. Based on the tag, her trainer on this day was Jason Walsh, who founded the Rise Nation and Rise Movement fitness studios in Los Angeles.

Ross began her workout going full speed on a vertical climber, a cardio machine that also activates your glutes and core. She then moved on to weighted hip thrusts and landmine deadlifts. Ross confidently managed a sled push (as the “Thong Song” appropriately played in the background, mind you) followed by deadlift high pulls on a flywheel training box. She ended her workout with glute-ham raises and a weighted squat hold.

Together, these compound moves make for a killer leg and butt workout that also gets your back, core, and shoulders in on the work.

Ross is in good company, as other Rise Movement clientele include Emma Stone, Miles Teller, and Brie Larson. In fact, Walsh helped Larson train for “Captain Marvel.” Though he at one point had her working out twice a day, Walsh began her superhero training with a three-month foundational program to establish a “base level of strength.” In 2019, he told POPSUGAR, “Everything you’re seeing on Instagram, we want to make sure people understand those are highlights.”

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