This New-Moon-in-Taurus Baño Will Help You Feel Luxurious and Sensual

This New-Moon-in-Taurus Baño Will Help You Feel Luxurious and Sensual

Following two fiery Aries new moons and a watery full moon in Scorpio lunar eclipse, the new moon in Taurus swoops in to bring us back down to earth in the most beautiful way. Taureans love rich beauty in all things. Under this new moon, adorn yourself with all the things that make you feel exquisite and divine, whether it’s your favorite perfume on your naked body or a go-to ‘fit that flows effortlessly on your frame. The new moon in Taurus is a time like no other to crown yourself and celebrate the beauty you bring to this life.

Taurus is rich in nurturing, soil cradling, and caring for the roots that have grown from the seeds planted during the Aries season. This is where real growth and transformation begin to appear on Earth. Taurus is the flowers blooming for all to see after Aries sparked creation from deep within.

With Jupiter, the planet of expansion, entering Taurus on May 16 until May 25, the time for catapulting new beginnings is ripe and ready for the taking. Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, ease into the new beginnings with love, devotion, and patience with yourself and others. Remember that new moons are all about inviting what you want to bring into your life. Since the moon is exalted in Taurus, meaning it feels most at home in this sign, it’s a good time to set intentions and wishes without becoming overly emotional. The exalted moon helps to keep emotions balanced while Taurus celebrates the glamour and charm within us and all around us in the world.

When Is the 2023 New Moon in Taurus?

The new moon in Taurus peaks on May 19 at 11:53 a.m. ET. So get your manifestation journals ready to list all the things you wish for under this new moon. The energy is powerful for at least three days following the new moon.

What Is the Meaning of the 2023 New Moon in Taurus?

Money, money, money, money! The Taurus new moon is a time to wish for fortune and luxury. This earth sign rules accumulation specific to money, material comforts, ownership, and even possessions. So if you need to call in more money, don’t be shy, connect with your heart, and speak your needs and desires to the universe.

Taurus also rules the physical senses. If you’re in need of sensual pleasure and physical comfort, wish for it under the Taurus new moon. It may be as simple as indulging in a day at the spa where you’re surrounded by intoxicating aromas while receiving a luxurious massage. You can find this pleasure in nature as well. Since Taurus is an earth sign, what better way to surround yourself with the energy of this new moon than to sit and enjoy a day at the park, where the first thing on your agenda is to do nothing? After all, Taurus also rules the enjoyment of life on Earth. So stay grounded in your reality, showing gratitude and appreciation for even the littlest things along the way.

As you connect with Mother Earth, don’t forget to remind yourself of the value you bring into this world just by being here. Taurus rules self-worth, so set healthy boundaries, become more aware of your personal needs, and dive into self-acceptance. You are worth it!

If you’re focused on restoring health during the Taurus new moon, wish for restoration in the throat, chin, neck, thyroid gland, voice, and vocal cords. Let your mind, soul, and body sing!

What Is the Spiritual-Cleansing Prayer to Say During May’s New Moon in Taurus?

Dear Great Spirit, I ask for self-awareness during the Taurus new moon and the reminder that I am abundant all the time, not just sometimes. Please guide me in valuing myself more and seeing the light I carry with me each day. I know I am Divine. I know I am Love. Continue being the strength deep within me that gives me confidence to show up as I am each day and embrace the natural beauty I bring. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So be it.

Which Tarot Card Goes Well With May’s New Moon in Taurus?

The Hierophant: The teacher that comes into your life to guide you through elevation, and the teacher within yourself. The one who brings spirituality down to earth.

Which Chakra Goes With May’s New Moon in Taurus?

Heart Chakra: The bridge between our spiritual and physical worlds. It’s a grounding, love-centered energy that is also associated with Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, the planet of love.

Spiritual-Bath Recipe For May’s New Moon in Taurus


  • Green candle
  • Pink Himalayan salt
  • Sage and palo santo
  • Ylang ylang, jasmine, rose, or patchouli essential oils
  • Violet, thyme, or mint herbs
  • Lilies, daisies, or poppies
  • Emerald, pyrite (great for manifesting money), jade, or lapis lazuli crystals
  • Florida Water, or Agua de Florida


  1. Open up your windows, and let the air flow throughout your space. Light up some sage, and allow the smoke to waft through each room as you give thanks for the sacred smoke and life. If you’d like, you can follow that by burning some palo santo to seal in the energetic cleansing the sage provided.
  2. Next, light a green candle, and place a vase with your choice of flowers nearby (save some of the flowers for your bath). Place a crystal or two that resonates with you most under the Taurus new moon next to the flowers and candle. This will help you create a new-moon-in-Taurus altar, creating something physical to represent your spiritual ritual.
  3. You can place your altar in the bathroom where you’ll soak in your spiritual bath, or you can place it somewhere where you’ll sit and write your wishes, journal, meditate, and do anything else you need to ground.
  4. Now it’s time to begin creating your baño. First, fill up your tub with warm water and add a cup or two of the pink Himalayan salt. Adding salt to a bath is a great way to ground yourself!
  5. Next, add a few good splashes of Florida Water and several drops of essential oils. Mix everything in with your hands as you pray, sing, give thanks, and speak your intentions.
  6. Grab a few handfuls of the herbs you’ve chosen to work with, and remember to thank them for their energy and blessings. Add them to the water, and mix in with your hands.
  7. With the flowers you set aside, cover the top of your bath either with the entire flower or just the petals. Continue singing and praying as you do so.
  8. Finally, indulge in your luxurious Taurus new moon bath by soaking for 20 to 40 minutes. As you do so, think about the things you want to manifest and imagine yourself having all those things already. Match the vision with the emotion, and watch the magic as it unfolds over the next six months until the full moon in Taurus on Oct. 28.

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