This Under-Desk Treadmill Is a Multitasker’s Dream and $300 Off on Amazon RN

This Under-Desk Treadmill Is a Multitasker’s Dream and $300 Off on Amazon RN

Say you don’t have the time to commit to a gym membership, but you also don’t have the square footage for a home gym—the solution is an under-desk treadmill. A real space-saver for anyone living in a tiny apartment and multitaskers alike (you can tuck it under your work station to walk as you answer emails!), this type of treadmill is a smart investment. Though if you play your cards right, it doesn’t have to be that big of an investment at all: This well-reviewed version is currently marked down 60% on Amazon. Run, don’t walk. (Sorry.)

YDZJY Under Desk Treadmill

YDZJY Under Desk Treadmill

Now 60% Off

Credit: YDZJY

The treadmill, which normally retails for $500, comes in three colors to pick from, if black is too basic for your style. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, and you can toggle between walking mode and running mode at up to 3.8 miles per hour. The LED display is easy to read and simple to maneuver; no unnecessary bells and whistles here.

But the real draw—especially for those of us in smaller spaces—is its compact design. Not only does it only weigh 44 pounds, but it’s designed to slip under sofas or even lean against the wall if you want it hidden from view. It comes with wheels that make it a cinch to move around. No more worrying about dinner party guests tripping over bulky gym equipment if you’re in a studio.

“It has taken some getting used to working while walking, but this makes it a dream to get those extra steps in during the day instead of sitting the whole time,” writes one reviewer who gave it a perfect five-star score.

Customers also like how quick it is to set up (you basically just plug it in and go) and the helpful service that comes with the machine—useful if, for whatever reason, you run into issues. “I’ve used this walking pad most days for about a month in 45 minute increments. It works great,” notes one user. “When I got the walking pad the belt was a bit shifted and I couldn’t figure out how to move it with the instructions. I emailed the company on a weekend day and they responded in just a couple hours with further instructions and a video!”

Best of all, this under-desk treadmill is available for free delivery with your Prime membership. Snag it now while it’s still on super sale, and happy multitasking.

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