Tom Cruise Is “Extremely Interested” in “Pursuing” Shakira and Sent Her Flowers

Tom Cruise Is “Extremely Interested” in “Pursuing” Shakira and Sent Her Flowers

So, you know how Tom Cruise and Shakira were spotted hanging out at the Miami Grand Prix—and spent time together in a VIP section? Here’s a video in case you missed it and immediately need to witness:

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Kay, well Page Six has come through with some tea, and claim Tom is “extremely” interested in Shakira now that she’s single following her split from Gerard Piqué.

“He is extremely interested in pursuing her,” a source says. “There is chemistry. Shakira needs a soft pillow to fall on, and that could be Tom, “a nice-looking guy, and he is talented. And she isn’t taller than him.”



Anyway, Tom is so into Shakira that he sent her flowers so guess we’ll see what happens!

Also, it should be noted that Shakira alluded to her and Gerard’s breakup while accepting Billboard’s Woman of the Year at the Latin Women in Music Gala, saying in part “What woman hasn’t, at some time in her life, forgotten herself because she’s seeking the attention and love of someone else?”

She added, “But there comes a time in the life of every woman where she no longer depends on someone else to love and accept herself just as she is. A time when the search for someone else is replaced by the search for oneself. A time when the desire to be perfect is replaced by the desire to be authentic, and where finding someone who is faithful is less important than being faithful to ourselves.”

Truer words Shakira!

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