Tracee Ellis Ross Is Quite Literally Dripping Sweat in Her Latest Workout Video

Tracee Ellis Ross Is Quite Literally Dripping Sweat in Her Latest Workout Video

Actor and Golden Globe winner Tracee Ellis Ross loves to sweat it out. In 2017, Ross told POPSUGAR, “I love sweating; it’s one of the ways that I process everything that goes on during the week and move it through my body.” And ever since suffering a knee injury in 2012, she’s been a dedicated follower of the Tracy Anderson Method.

“I’m incredibly competitive and I like to compete with myself and get better at things and do them correctly — that really works in the Tracy Anderson Method,” Ross told POPSUGAR. Also, the workout purposely changes every 10 sessions, which Ross appreciates: “I love that! I never get bored.”

Evidence of Ross’s dedication to the method is all over her Instagram. In a post shared on April 24, Ross shows off a new workout from the Tracy Anderson Method, which ends with her staring into the camera and shaking dripping sweat off her face. The video stitches together clips of Ross doing the workout on two separate occasions, and the routine includes plenty of glute work — squats, standing glute kickbacks, and side kicks — using a wooden box that’s part of Anderson’s MyMode program setup.

Anderson commented on the video, hyping up Ross: “@patternbeauty founder working on her movement patterns like a champion! Is it weird I feel like that MYMODE looks happy 🤣🤩. That’s how infectious your good vibes are @traceeellisross 💦💦💦.”

On Feb. 17, Ross shared a similar Instagram post, showing off three different Tracy Anderson Method workout sessions all featuring the same shirt-drenching routine. Throughout the video, she uses resistance bands strung along the studio ceiling and a multifunctional staff (i.e. a long wooden pole) and anchoring system (including that wooden box). From modified donkey kicks to curtsy squats — and some dance wiggles in between — Ross shows off her impressive endurance while clearly having a good time.

You’ve likely heard about the Tracy Anderson Method before, as it’s a favorite among plenty of A-listers — including Gwyneth Paltrow, who partnered with Anderson to prepare for her role in “Iron Man” after giving birth to her second child. The method is all about targeting smaller accessory muscles by doing lots of reps with light weights. Similar to Pilates and barre, the movements are typically low-impact and can be beneficial for strengthening muscles and improving posture — making it great for Ross, who suffers from knee pain after a running injury.

The dance-cardio and resistance-training classes also happen in a hot and humid room (specifically, 86 degrees with 69 percent humidity), which is no problem for Ross. “I love being in the heat; we work out in a really hot room there, and it really works for me,” she told us in 2017. That’s also what makes her sweaty workout videos quite so sweaty.

Another unique feature of the classes? Anderson provides no verbal instruction throughout, choosing instead to crank up the jams, encouraging participants to follow along using visual cues alone. “It’s always really loud music and great music, which I love,” Ross said.

Many flocked to the comments section of Ross’s Feb. 17 post to share their plans to re-create the workout from home — though some have tried and can vouch that it’s not as easy as Ross makes it look. One person commented on her most recent video, “I was pondering her program so I tried working out to one of her old videos online. I swear she was trying to kill me!! …. okay, clearly not but that’s what it felt like. Her repetitions seems to be endless and she doesn’t look to be strained, in the least. I told myself, to try it again and build up. But….OUCH!! You have my respect! Seriously.”

You can try it yourself by signing up for Tracy Anderson’s online studio, which allows you to stream her classes live and on demand starting at $90 per month after a 14-day free trial. Or use Ross’s videos to put together a similar routine of your own. During COVID, Ross shared a video of her doing an at-home Tracy Anderson workout using a chair and ankle weights, and we used that to compile a full Ross-inspired leg and butt workout that’ll give you a taste.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Mazzo

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