Trader Joe’s New Matcha Green Tea Noodles Need to Be on Your Grocery List ASAP


I’m always on the hunt for new pasta types and alternatives, and Trader Joe’s never disappoints. And one of their more recent pasta items, the Matcha Green Tea Japanese Noodles ($3), sounded too delicious to pass up . . . and I was right!

Matcha, which is essentially ground green tea leaves, is traditionally used in teas, smoothies, and desserts, but the flavor also works so well in these noodles for a more savory dish. And these noodles are made with only four ingredients — wheat flour, buckwheat flour, matcha powder, and salt — so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body (a major win in my book). If you’re interested in getting your hands on these noods and want to know how to prep them, keep reading.

How Should You Prepare the Noodles?

As per the suggestions on the package, the noodles should be boiled for three to five minutes (three minutes if you like your noodles al dente). The noodles emulate soba (also known as buckwheat) and can be enjoyed both cold and hot, so whether you want to munch of these to cool down on a hot summer day or to warm up on a chilly night in, it works perfectly both ways. I ate mine cold with some grilled chicken, veggies, and the Trader Joe’s Spicy Cashew Butter Dressing, and the entire meal was insanely delicious! The noodles have a slightly chewy texture (which I love) and can be prepared in so many different ways, which is the best part about them. Your options are truly endless with these. If you wanted to prepare them hot you could saute them in garlic and serve them with mushrooms, bok choy, and a protein of your choice, or even in broth if you’re in the mood for ramen.

Do They Taste Like Matcha?

No, the matcha flavor is very subtle, and is easily masked when tossed in a sauce or with added seasoning. While the green tea flavor is faint, it’s *just* enough to give these noodles unique flavor that makes them stand out. The matcha ingredient also add great color that makes eating the noodles that much more fun and satisfying. Keep in mind that these noodles are limited, so get them while they’re hot (or cold)!

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