Travis, Jason Kelce Joke About Doc Success Amid ‘Taylor Swift Drama’

Travis, Jason Kelce Joke About Doc Success Amid ‘Taylor Swift Drama’

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce aren’t not grateful for the Taylor Swift effect. The NFL pros and brothers addressed the recent streaming success of the Prime Video documentary, Kelce, which focuses primarily on Jason’s journey through the 2022 NFL season and the highly-publicized sibling showdown at last year’s Super Bowl matchup between Jason’s Philadelphia Eagles and Travis’ Kansas City Chiefs. 

Following the Sept. 12 premiere, Kelce earned the biggest first three days ever for a doc in the U.S., according to Deadline. It debuted at No. 1 and has stayed in the Top 5 movies on Prime Video now three weeks after its release. Kelce is now Prime’s most-watched documentary ever in the U.S.

“How crazy is that?” Travis muses in Wednesday’s episode of their New Heights podcast

“All because of you and me,” Jason responds, adding with a laugh, “Doesn’t have anything to do with this Taylor Swift drama.” 

Kelce‘s success comes amid a rumored romance between Travis and the “Anti-Hero” songstress, with Taylor stealing the show at two recent NFL games.

On Sept. 24, Taylor attended Kelce and the Chiefs’ home game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, where she sat in the suites with his mother, Donna Kelce. The following weekend, Taylor and the squad — which included Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and Sophie Turner, all turned up inside MetLife Stadium, alongside Donna, to watch Travis and the Super Bowl-winning team play the New York Jets. The Chiefs won both games.

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“That’s what I’m saying, man. Everybody is just so interested in the family dynamic,” Travis playfully responds.

“I thought that was pretty cool, man,” he adds of the record-breaking film. “That’s fun to hang your hat on.” 

Travis jokes that the doc “shows how selfish Jason is” before clarifying that the movie is full of emotional moments within their family. 

“Listen, I’m in there crying,”  he continues, “I mean, pouring my heart out for you, bud.”

Jason interjects, “I’m in there crying, too! We’re both crying.” 

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Taylor appeared to be missing from Travis’ most recent game against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, while a particularly hilarious throwback video from 2009 began circulating online in her absence. During one play of the game, Travis suffered a non-contact injury as he slipped on the turf at U.S. Bank Stadium. 

On Wednesday, Travis explained exactly what happened. 

“I rolled my ankle,” he says. “It was unfortunate. If you watch it in slow motion, my ankle kind of slips for a couple inches and then it finally grabs on the turf.”

Travis and Jason address the ongoing controversy in the football world surrounding playing on turf vs. grass before Travis, 34, ultimately blames his age for the injury. 

“I’m just out here being old as f**k and just offing myself, because … I’m not getting tackled and getting injured, like, nobody’s doing this to me but me and I just feel like a f**king jamoke and a grandpa every single time I go out there and just injure myself,” he says. “So that’s what the majority of the frustration was.” 

Travis confirms that he received x-rays during the game and that he did not suffer a break, so he was able to “just tape that thing up and get back out there.” 

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On Friday, Swift will release her concert film, Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour, in theaters. Last week, AMC announced that 33-year-old Swift’s concert film has surpassed $100 million in global advance ticket sales revenue.


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