‘Vanderpump Rules’ Alum Kristen Doute Reveals She Had a Miscarriage

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Alum Kristen Doute Reveals She Had a Miscarriage

Former Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute and her boyfriend, Luke Broderick, have revealed the painful experience of a recent miscarriage. The couple shared the heartbreaking news on their podcast, Sex, Love, and What Else Matters with Kristen Doute, on Nov. 26.

Doute, 40, bravely disclosed the details of their journey, explaining that the pregnancy had progressed into what is medically termed a blighted ovum, where the embryo does not fully develop, rendering the pregnancy unviable. 

“I only feel comfortable talking about this because I know so many friends of mine have gone through this. I know so many women have been through this,” she expressed on the podcast. “And it’s really f**king terrifying because you always think, ‘What’s wrong, what did I do wrong? Could I have done something different?’ And my doctor and my friends have told me, inside and out up and down, there’s no cause. They don’t know why.”


Despite the heartache, the couple, who went public with their relationship in December 2022, is focusing on the silver linings and looking towards the future with hope.

“The only silver lining, the fact that we’ve now been digesting this for the last four or five days, is that I know once Luke and I are past this, we can try again,” Doute shared. “And we were very lucky and very fortunate that we got pregnant so quickly.”

Doute acknowledged the uncertainty of the situation and expressed her belief in a higher plan, stating, “I haven’t gone through IVF, I haven’t frozen my eggs, I haven’t done anything. I just think there’s something in God’s plan.” 

She added, “It was just a really unfortunate thing that happened to us. And I know that we can try fairly soon. And I think that we’re very hopeful to have a very healthy pregnancy the next time around.”

During the podcast, Doute and Broderick recounted the initial joy they experienced upon learning about the pregnancy. Doute recalled, “It was like the happiest time ever,” while Broderick added, “It sucks to be where we are right now, but we’ve got to try to focus on the positive side of things.”


Broderick expressed his commitment to supporting Doute through this challenging time, stating, “I just know that I have to be your rock here, and I want to. I want to be there with you, for you. And help get over these sad times, and get back to more happy times, because I know it won’t be that far off. It’s coming, we will accomplish it, and we’ll be an awesome, happy family someday.”


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