We Hate to Say It, But Travis Kelce’s Birth Chart Looks a Lot Like John Mayer’s

We Hate to Say It, But Travis Kelce’s Birth Chart Looks a Lot Like John Mayer’s

Travis Kelce Birth Chart

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end was born on Oct. 5, 1989 with both his sun and Mars in Libra, meaning his core identity is in sync with how he takes action in the world — in a diplomatic, balance-seeking, conflict-averse, romance-loving, and partnership-oriented way.

Having starred in his own dating reality show back in 2016, there’s no doubt he’s a fan of being in a relationship. But Kelce’s also adventurous, fiery, and fun, given that his moon — which informs how he processes emotions — is in Sagittarius, the mutable fire sign known for being full of wanderlust and a natural-born entertainer.

His Mercury, the planet of communication, is in Virgo, making him analytical, down-to-earth, perfectionistic, self-expressive, and detail-oriented in his career. This complements his industrious, grounded Capricorn stellium (meaning three or more planets in a sign). Kelce has no problem putting his nose to the grindstone to achieve his goals — professionally or personally.

It also bears noting that the NFL star’s Venus, the planet of relationships, falls in private, sexy fixed water sign Scorpio, and his Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, is in sentimental cardinal water sign Cancer. What does this mean, exactly? He’s definitely a romantic at heart and capable of truly investing himself in an intimate, meaningful, emotionally fulfilling bond.

How Travis Kelce’s Birth Chart Compares to John Mayer’s

Mayer, born on Oct. 16, 1977, might be 12 years older than Kelce, but the two actually have quite a bit in common astrologically. Both were born with their suns in relationship-loving Libra and they both have moons in unfiltered, boisterous Sagittarius. They also share their Jupiter in cardinal water sign Cancer, too, meaning they’re both emotionally intelligent and empathic.

But while Kelce’s sun is tightly conjunct Mars in Libra, which makes him especially action-oriented and self-assured, Mayer’s sun is actually closely conjunct Mercury, which means he tends to be more of a talker than a doer. Mayer’s Mars is also in Cancer, which makes him tenacious and protective of loved ones but also potentially passive-aggressive.

Both have the ability to be sensitive, down-to-earth, and tuned into the minute details of life, thanks to the presence of the mutable earth sign Virgo. Kelce’s Mercury is in Virgo, which is a powerful position for the planet of communication, reflected by his success off the field in media, TV, podcasting, etc.

But Mayer’s Virgo shows up in his Venus — coloring how he relates to others through his song lyrics and voice. Virgo can be really nitpicky, fussy, nervous, worrisome, and perfectionistic, which could explain why Mayer’s struggled to settle down.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Compatibility, According to Their Birth Charts

Even after the absolute worst breakup — the type that could lead to penning brokenhearted and resentful songs (cough “Dear John,” “Could’ve Should’ve Would’ve”) — you can’t help but admit that, at one time, Swift and Mayer shared a powerful connection. His Mars (the planet of sex) in Cancer with her moon (aka emotional compass) in Cancer likely spurred their chemistry, while his moon in Sagittarius felt harmonious and familiar to Swift whose sun is in the fire sign, too.

“Despite Kelce’s birth chart looking a lot like Mayer’s, it doesn’t feel like history is repeating itself.”

Plus, all of Mayer’s Libra — including his ascendant, which informs his physical appearance — was attractive to Swift, thanks to her Venus in fellow air sign Aquarius. (The woman has loved her fair share of air guys — in addition to her Libras, Taylor Lautner, Harry Styles, Tom Hiddleston are all Aquarius suns.)

But all of those connection points simply weren’t enough to sustain Swift and Mayer’s brief relationship, which, judging from all of her songs about Mayer, seems to have gone down in flames.

On the other hand, Kelce and Swift’s synastry looks like an elevated, far more promising version of what the “Half of My Heart” singers shared. Born within a few months of one another, Swift and Kelce both have a cluster of planets in hardworking Capricorn. In other words, they’re equally driven, pragmatic, and determined to reach the top of whatever mountain they’ve set their sights on.

They also share one of the clearest indicators of a harmonious, long-term relationship: sun conjunct moon — Kelce’s Sag moon is even closer degrees-wise to Swift’s Sag sun than Mayer’s. Plus, they share a super-hot mutual romantic and sexual attraction that’s far from fleeting, thanks to Kelce’s Venus closely linking up with Swift’s Mars in Scorpio. Once the fixed water sign is in, they’re all in.

All of that said, despite Kelce’s birth chart looking a lot like Mayer’s, it doesn’t feel like history is repeating itself so much as Swift is now dating someone whose birth chart suits her even better. Even if, as a football player, Kelce isn’t her typical tortured artist “type,” he’s absolutely her astrological type — and perhaps, the best version of that yet.

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