We Tracked Down Olivia Rodrigo’s “Guts”-Era Black Nail Polish

We Tracked Down Olivia Rodrigo’s “Guts”-Era Black Nail Polish

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For months now, Olivia Rodrigo has been promoting her sophomore album, “Guts”, with subtle help from her beauty team. Most notably, the singer has been wearing chipped black nail polish. (Think: Avril Lavigne circa 2002.) A classic, the IDGAF manicure has quickly seen a resurgence among fans, which is why we tapped Rodrigo’s nail artist Yoko Sakakura to learn the exact shade of black nail polish.

While some celebrities use polishes priced upwards of $50 a bottle, Rodrigo’s current go-to shade is affordable and accessible. “She loves her signature black nails most of the time and I use Black Onyx by OPI,” Sakakura told POPSUGAR of the $11 nail lacquer. “I push up her cuticles before color application to make sure it has a clean look. She loves black polish, even for her toes. It goes with all of Olivia’s looks.”

To re-create Rodrigo’s 2000s punk-rock manicure at home, Sakakura adds that you should begin by trimming your nails short and filing them somewhere between a square shape and an oval shape. “Olivia always knows what she wants and loves her nails short, clean, and squoval for [her] ‘Guts’ era,” she said. Sleek or chipped, the inky polish absolutely evokes a rockstar energy. Sakakura adds, “Even if it doesn’t look perfect, it looks cool like her chipped black nails on her cover photo.”

When it comes to press tours and promotional events, Rodrigo can hardly be spotted without her signature black polish. On the rare occasion when she’s not wearing it though, the singer tends to stick to a rock ‘n’ roll color palette. In the “Vampire” music video, for instance, she wore OPI’s Complimentary Wine shade, a dark red that Morticia Addams would absolutely love. Paired with stiletto nails, this hue is perfect for creating a supernatural manicure as you belt the lyrics to every angst-infused track on the album.

Ahead, shop Rodrigo’s black nail polish and see photos of the star rocking the shade herself.

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