What It’s Like to Get EON, the Touchless Body Contouring Treatment

What It’s Like to Get EON, the Touchless Body Contouring Treatment

One of the first things a dermatologist or plastic surgeon will tell you about body sculpting treatments is that they aren’t a replacement for a balanced diet and consistent exercise. An ideal candidate is someone who leads a healthy, active lifestyle but is looking for that extra boost to push them closer to their aesthetic goals. And that person, I thought after first learning about EON, an innovative new body contouring device, is me.

Last year, an injury sidelined me from my choice cardio-based workouts, and I was forced to slow down, shift my attention to recovery, and find different stress-relieving outlets. Now on the other side, I’m feeling mentally stronger, but physically? Well, slightly out of shape. I couldn’t be more ready to refocus on regaining my strength and tone, which is why after rejoining my favorite fitness studio, I made an appointment to try EON with Dr. Jennifer Walden, a board-certified plastic surgeon, president of the Aesthetic Society, and owner of Skintology MedSpa in New York City.

The Treatment

“EON is the first robotic, touchless body contouring device in the U.S.,” says Dr. Walden. “It’s a great solution for both female and male patients who are looking to permanently reduce stubborn fat and are searching for a completely noninvasive experience without the need of downtime for recovery or anesthesia.” She notes that her patients often visit during their lunch break; the entire abdomen can be treated in 60 minutes. The device is also FDA-cleared for use on the flanks, back, and thighs.


While other popular body sculpting devices utilizes freezing or muscle-stimulation technology, “EON uses a first-of-its-kind 1,064-nanometer laser to heat the fat to 123.8 degrees Fahrenheit, causing fat-cell death,” says Dr. Walden. In the 8 to 12 weeks post-treatment, the body naturally removes those targeted fat cells through the lymphatic system, resulting in a more toned appearance.

For comfort during treatment, an air-powered jet-cooling system brings down skin temperature as the deep fatty tissue underneath is being heated. Combined with an even distribution of heat throughout the process and the lack of any direct contact with the skin, this makes for a very tolerable and efficient procedure, says Dr. Walden.

The Experience

My visit to Skintology MedSpa started with a consultation. My provider assessed my trouble areas and asked about my desired results. Ultimately, we decided to treat my upper and lower abdomen, which I was told would take 20 minutes each.

Laid out on a table and outfitted in safety goggles, I felt like a test subject in a science fiction movie (albeit in a luxe, non-clinical atmosphere) as the treatment head was positioned above my bare torso. The device is powered by autonomous robotic technology, which was employed to scan and map my specific body topography and determine exactly where to target the laser. The head is also equipped with sensors that can detect skin temperature and the proximity of the device for safety.

eon laser


I’ve tried enough beauty treatments to know that the term “noninvasive” doesn’t always mean pain-free, so I was braced for the worst. But for the majority of those 20 minutes, the experience was truly uneventful. It felt as if someone was aiming a hair dryer at my stomach, oscillating between the hot and cool settings. I relaxed and chatted with my provider, who regularly checked in to see how I was tolerating the laser. There was only a brief interlude toward the halfway mark when the sensation became uncomfortably prickly. My provider immediately activated a cool-down cycle to give my skin a break and applied a small heat-reflecting sticker on the most sensitive spot (an area with less fat) to alleviate the intensity.

After round two on my upper abdomen (which immediately followed the treatment on the lower area), my provider took “before” photos from every angle and then scheduled a six-week follow-up appointment to assess whether I would benefit from another treatment. Afterward, my skin was slightly red (that dissipated within an hour) and tender (the soreness—not unlike the aftermath of a lot of crunches—lasted a week), but I was able to go right back to work, with no downtime needed.

The Results

Studies have shown that patients experience an average of 21.6 percent fat reduction 12 weeks after a single treatment. “We have been able to help our patients achieve impressive results while having a comfortable treatment experience,” says Dr. Walden.

I still have a few weeks to go before I can start comparing my before-and-afters, but one thing I can already say for certain is that EON helped me feel back in control over my body, and ready for the new, injury-free journey ahead.

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