What’s Jennifer Lawrence’s Natural Hair Color?

What’s Jennifer Lawrence’s Natural Hair Color?

Jennifer Lawrence has experimented a lot with her hair over the course of her career. In terms of color, she’s tried everything from rich auburn to icy blond, even dark brunette during her time in the role of Katniss Everdeen in the the Hunger Games film franchise. But her natural color is the one she’s most known for: blond, and she’s quite attached to it.

Back in 2012, POPSUGAR interviewed Linda Flowers, the hair designer on “The Hunger Games,” and she revealed that Lawrence was so nervous about becoming a brunette for her role as Katniss that Flowers bought $30,000 worth of wigs to practice dyeing the perfect shade of brown, instead of experimenting on Lawrence. Though the actor spent a few years with a dark hair color, she ultimately returned to her blond roots.

That’s not to say Lawerence is afraid to play around with her hair — she just seemingly likes to keep things lighter. She’s tried nearly every shade of blond under the sun, from a warm sandy blond to a golden honey shade and even a cool-toned platinum look, making it clear that she has overcome her fear of hair coloring. She pulls off brunette and red shades with ease, but she favors her natural color of blond and has been sticking to it in recent years.

Lawrence has also tried her fair share of dramatic haircuts over the years. There was her iconic pixie hairstyle, which she revealed strong feelings about in hindsight; countless bobs; bangs of every variety, from side-swept to curtain; and her classic long, goddess-like waves. Ultimately, though, she always returns to some variation of her classic look: a warm blond color on long, mid-back-grazing hair — she knows what works and is sticking to it.

Keep reading to see just how good Lawrence looks in every hair color.

— Additional reporting by Jessica Harrington

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