Who Is Jeremy Strong’s Wife? Here’s All the Intel You Need to Know About Emma Wall

Who Is Jeremy Strong’s Wife? Here’s All the Intel You Need to Know About Emma Wall

Obsessed with Succession star Jeremy Strong? This is a judgment-free zone because, same. Emphatic same. If you’re in that zone of “incapable of not thinking about Succession-related things” but also “desperately trying not to pre-mourn Succession as the finale draws so, so near” then, again, EMPHATIC SAME. And, also, as members of your Succession Thought Spiral Support Group, we are here for you.

How about going on a little Succession side quest and jumping down the rabbit hole of Things the Internet Knows About Jeremy Strong’s Awesome-but-Very-Low-Key Wife, Emma Wall? If you’re in (or if you’re here by way of a literal google search about Emma and don’t even care about Jeremy, which is extremely cool, too!), scroll down for all the info you need to know about Emma Wall.

She was born in Denmark—and it’s a big part of their relationship.

Emma Wall was born in Denmark and, even though she and Jeremy Strong met in New York City (more on that below), her home country is still a big part of their lives. Not only did they chose it as the location for one of the biggest of all relationship/general life milestones when they decided to have their 2016 wedding there in a literal castle (called Dragsholm Slot), but they actually split their time between Brooklyn and Denmark to this day.

Oh, and this arrangement is more than okay with Jeremy, for the record.

“I love Denmark,” the actor told The Guardian in 2021. “I find it a very sane and gentle place. It feels like a refuge for me.”

She’s a psychiatrist AND a documentary filmmaker.

If you feel like you haven’t heard a ton about Emma Wall, it’s probably because she’s extremely busy juggling multiple impressive careers. She’s a child psychiatrist, whose recent resume highlights include work with the Los Angeles foster care system in addition to her work as a practicing clinician and teacher at UCLA.

And Emma took the MOST impressive path to her current very impressive career. According to People, she did her undergrad work at Brown University and then jetted off to Oxford University Medical School (where she graduated with honors, ofc) all before doing her fellowship and residency at Columbia University and Cornell University. Oh and they add that she “has worked with refugees and volunteered in hospitals around the world.”


And that’s just one of her careers. In whatever free time she manages to find between her thriving medical career and cross-continental lifestyle married to a famous actor (how’s that for an envy-inducing start to a sentence?), she’s a documentary filmmaker.

Emma co-founded Guest House Productions with Betsy Hershey, with whom she co-directed the documentary Guerilla Habeas, which focuses on two lawyers fighting for immigrants threatened by deportation in the United States.

“We started on this film at a time when I think so many of us were really appalled by what was happening in the immigration system,” she told Deadline of the doc in 2022. “So we started this in the beginning of 2019, following the Muslim ban, following Trump’s zero-tolerance policy that was separating families at the border. And we — as so many people, I think, in this country — were feeling incredibly helpless and hopeless. It felt like these grave injustices, these human rights violations, and we didn’t know what to do.”

She met Jeremy Strong during Hurricane Sandy.

In a scary meet-cute moment, Jeremy Strong and Emma Wall actually met at a party in NYC in 2012, while Hurricane Sandy “raged outside,” according to The Guardian. Definitely a memorable How We Met story.

She and Jeremy Strong have three daughters.

Since meeting in 2012 and tying the knot in 2016, Emma and Jeremy have grown their family and now share three daughters. They welcomed their oldest, Ingrid, in 2018, and Jeremy says becoming a father for the first time changed him a lot.

“My life has changed a lot in the sense that there’s some sort of stable center,” he told GQ. “I never had that before — I was always just kind of a transient and work was the only thing. And that feels different now, in a very good way. There’s something to come home to.”

Emma and Jeremy welcomed their second daughter, Clara, in 2019, and their youngest was born in 2021 (although they haven’t shared her name publicly yet).

She attended the Met Gala in 2023.

John Shearer//Getty Images

This year, Jeremy and Emma were on the guest list for the ultra-exclusive Met Gala. For the occasion, Jeremy wore a brown Prada jacket paired with a delightfully ruffly mint green shirt and, a whimsical neon flower necklace from Frank Ocean‘s jewelry brand, Homer, and Emma kept it simple in a romantic nude-colored gown paired with a silver statement necklace.

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