Who Killed Sara?: Elisa’s Brushes With Death on Season 2 Had Us on the Edge of Our Seats


Season two of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? is filled with more twists and turns than the last. As the search for the killer of the titular Sara continues, family secrets are uncovered, more people are murdered, and Elisa’s life even ends up being put at risk not once, but twice.

After escaping from prison, César’s former right-hand man Sergio instructs his team of henchmen to kidnap César’s only daughter to get revenge on him for turning him into the police. However, César is one step ahead of him and ends up teaming up with Alex to hatch a plan to rescue Elisa. Even though Elisa was put in grave danger during the kidnapping, she luckily ends up making it out alive, thanks to César and Alex’s valiant efforts.

However, by episode eight, Elisa’s life is once again put in danger, but this time, by her own doing. After breaking into the Lazcano’s family casino, Elisa begins pouring fuel everywhere and sets it on fire.
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Based on her emotional reaction, it looks like Elisa has no plans of leaving the burning building and intends to die inside of it, but once Alex arrives, he makes sure to get her to safety. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like Elisa was harmed, and if the show does get renewed for season three, we’ll probably get to see more of her romance with Alex, because it’s time they had their happily ever after, don’t you think?

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