Why Eleven Abandons Her ’80s Mall-Rat Style in “Stranger Things” Season 4

Why Eleven Abandons Her ’80s Mall-Rat Style in “Stranger Things” Season 4

Eleven’s style has certainly evolved through each season of Netflix’s “Stranger Things.” Since she first debuted on our screens as the telepathic hero with a heart of gold, Millie Bobby Brown has pulled off every distinctive ’80s trend with ease, shifting from rolled denim to edgy shackets to vibrant graphic tees. Now, we’ve arrived at season four, and Eleven’s closet, according to costume designer Amy Parris, is more confusing than ever.

“Eleven is a mix of a variety of clothing and hand-me-downs from Joyce, Johnathan, and Will,” Parris tells POPSUGAR over email. “Max (Sadie Sink) is no longer with Eleven to help her with what would be contemporary fashion of the time, so she’s a bit clueless and confused by her new style.”

At school in Lenora Hills, CA, where she goes by Jane Hopper, Eleven’s clothes are all over the place. Parris drew inspiration from Sarah Jessica Parker‘s character Patty Greene from the 1980s sitcom “Square Pegs.” Like Greene, Eleven is having trouble fitting in at her new high school and trying to figure out which clique she should belong to. Her outfits help convey that identity crisis.

Eleven’s wardrobe in season four runs the gamut from a colorful pinafore dress to an oversize flannel. As far as accessories go, she still keeps her classic Reebok sneakers in rotation, though we may see far fewer scrunchies and suspenders now.

Ahead, get a complete breakdown of Eleven’s style transformation from season one until now, guided by key information from Parris.

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