Why Gigi Hadid Has Her ‘Walls Up’ With Leonardo DiCaprio, Even Though He’s ‘Exactly What She Needed’

Why Gigi Hadid Has Her ‘Walls Up’ With Leonardo DiCaprio, Even Though He’s ‘Exactly What She Needed’

Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio weren’t photographed together on the streets of Paris, but the two, who recently started dating casually, did spend time there together, even leaving the same hotel separately at one point. Now, Us Weekly and E! are reporting insight about the pair’s time in Paris and what the nature of their relationship is now.

Hadid isn’t interested in being serious with the newly-single actor at this point for good reason, a source explained to Us. It has to do with Zayn Malik, Hadid’s ex-boyfriend with whom she shares 2-year-old daughter Khai. (Malik, notably, unfollowed Hadid on Instagram as news broke that she was officially dating DiCaprio.)

“Gigi has her walls up since she’s on better terms with Zayn and they’re doing well coparenting. She’s not rushing into a serious relationship,” the source said on Tuesday. “She’s very fond of Leo and is interested in pursuing a relationship with him but at the same time is very busy with her modeling gigs and being there for her daughter.”

In Paris and elsewhere, DiCaprio and Hadid did have secret trysts. “They’ve been having secret meetups and have been spending time together privately,” the source said. “They’re very into each other and are seeing where things go, [although they’re] not serious by any means.”

A source close to Hadid echoed that sentiment in E!’s own report published on Oct. 5. “Gigi and Leo are having a lot of fun right now,” the source said. “They have been trying to stay low-key and private and she has been enjoying the time they have been spending together.”

Hadid reportedly sees DiCaprio as exactly what she needed in her love life at this point. The 27-year-old model has not publicly dated anyone since her split from Malik made news one year ago. Malik and Hadid were involved on-off for six years before their permanent breakup.

“Gigi is grateful he came into her life during this time and has said it’s exactly what she needed,” the source said. “Leo is very laidback and she likes that their relationship is casual and easy. It’s going well so far.”

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