Why Travis Kelce’s Coach Is ‘Glad’ About His Taylor Swift Romance

Why Travis Kelce’s Coach Is ‘Glad’ About His Taylor Swift Romance

Andy Reid is all for Travis Kelce‘s romance with Taylor Swift. During a Monday press conference, the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs revealed why he’s happy about his star tight end’s relationship with the singer.

The moment happened when one reporter asked Reid if other NFL coaches are reaching out to him for access to Swift.

“Nobody’s mentioned much on that,” Reid answered. “It is what it is.”

Reid continued by expressing his approval of the romance, saying, “I’m just glad he’s found someone he likes, and she’s found someone she likes. That’s a good thing.”

The NFL coach previously spoke out about Kelce’s relationship with Swift, even joking to the media that he set the pair up. Then, during an appearance on Outkick’s The Five Spot, Reid revealed his connection to Swift.

“I knew her from Philadelphia. Her dad was a big NFL fan. So I had met her when she was real young, and her dad. I joked about setting Kelce up, and, you know, I’m just saying!” he said. “She’s a good girl, she’s into it, we’re glad she’s here.”

Reid’s latest comments come after a big weekend for Kelce and Swift, after he traveled to Buenos Aries, Argentina, to attend her Eras Tour. During the concert, Swift changed the lyrics of “Karma” in a nod to her beau, and ran to kiss Kelce as soon as she left the stage.

“Travis and Taylor are having the best time together. They’re very into each other and it is clear to everyone around them. They are both excited and giddy that they can’t even hide it, and don’t want to,” a source told ET. “Travis loved the shoutout Taylor gave him at her show and it has been so nice for Taylor to have him there with her. Their family and friends are very happy for them and think they are great together.”

Watch the video below for more from the couple’s international weekend.



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