Yep, You Should Absolutely Start Calling Your Girlfriend One of These Sweet Nicknames

Yep, You Should Absolutely Start Calling Your Girlfriend One of These Sweet Nicknames

Everyone’s a little bit different when it comes to what they want in a relationship. While some people might appreciate the mushy-gushy stuff, others share their affection with gentle nudges or teasing, like you’re besties. And both are totally valid ways of expressing love! The same applies to to nicknames. A nickname that could make one person swoon could potentially make another person, like, gag, probably. You might prefer “babe” over “babycakes,” you know? That’s why you need options when drumming up cute nicknames to call your girlfriend, lover, or romantic partner. Whatever terms apply to your relationship, there’s room for cute nicknames if you want them there.

Why do you even need a nickname, you ask? Well, you don’t, but let us be the first to tell you that the nickname phase of a relationship is a straight-up delight. You’re close enough where you’ve run out of ways to say your partner’s ~regular old name and surname~, and you’re ready to lean into the magnificent cringe of being in love—because just “Kate” doesn’t feel like enough! Plus, calling your partner something cute is like a special language you share, which can foster intimacy, especially if the nickname is born from a special moment or an inside joke.

And yeah, some of the best nicknames come spontaneously, like when you’re laying in bed together, on a date, or when your partner does something you find absolutely adorable. But sometimes, nothing comes to you. It’s crickets—which is totally fine! If you’re in need of a little internet inspiration, find the 75 best cute nicknames to call your girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, or lover below—whether she’s food-obsessed, a plant mom, a pop-culture nerd, or just the cutest love bug on earth.


Food-related nicknames

  1. Her favorite cheese. Is she a gouda gobbler? A feta fiend? A cheddar chomper? Whatever cheese she reaches for will make for an adorable nickname. Or you could go the weird route and call her something like “sweet cheese” if she’s into that, too.
  2. Kiwi. Has there ever been a cuter fruit? I don’t think so.
  3. Corn muffin. Any kind of muffin will do, but there’s something about a corn muffin that’s just so cozy and homey. Slather her up in some butter and you’ve got yourself a delicious treat!
  4. Honey pie. Again, any kind of pie will work here, but “honey pie” is extra sweet. Swap in “honey cakes” when you’re feeling a little more… saucy.
  5. Pancake/Waffle. Someone’s having breakfast for dinner tonight!
  6. Jellybean. Who doesn’t love a little sugar every now and then?
  7. Butterbean. “Bean” is just kind of an adorable word, is it not?
  8. Honeydew. Because “Melon” doesn’t have much of a ring to it.
  9. Banana. She doesn’t even have to be named Hannah for this cute nickname to work!
  10. Strawberry shortcake. This dessert is pure bliss, just like being with your GF. Extra points if she’s actually short, I guess?
  11. Peaches. Like the Princess, and the song Bowser sings in the Mario movie. It’s romantic!
  12. Marshmallow. When she’s soft and squishy and squeezable, it’s perfect.
  13. Sugar. Because she’s sweet, like sugar!
  14. Dumpling. You just wanna eat her up, like a cute chewy dumpling.
  15. Peanut. When she’s your adorable lil’ peanut!

Animal-related nicknames

  1. Bunny. Bunnies are cute and so is your GF!
  2. Kitten. Rawr, tiger.
  3. Pup or Puppy. Only use if she’s been a very good girl. *wink wink*
  4. Chicken. Chick” is sexist. “Chicken”? Now that’s just adorable.
  5. Bear. There are lots of variations on the bear nickname, but sometimes straight up “Bear” works on its own!
  6. Bug. She’s cute as a bug.
  7. Ladybug. For when she’s a dainty lil bug.
  8. Angelfish. Ever notice how kissy faces and fishy faces are awfully similar?
  9. Monkey. She’s cute, she’s silly, she loves to pick fleas out of your hair. She’s your monkey and you love her for it.
  10. Lion cub. But only if she’s feisty.
  11. Unicorn. Not a real animal, but shows her she’s other-worldly perfect.
  12. Baby elephant. For when she’s the cutest but also a little clumsy.
  13. Fox. Get it? She’s foxy!
  14. Birdie. Like: “If you’re a bird I’m a bird.” From The Notebook!
  15. Golden Retriever. For the girl that’s always in good spirits and just wants to have fun with you.

Plant-related nicknames

  1. Buttercup. An absolute classic. This one doubles as a Princess Bride reference, too!
  2. Sweet Pea. Delicate, tasteful; you can’t go wrong with this one.
  3. Prickly Pear. One of the world’s cutest cacti, by far. But watch out! She bites!
  4. Daffodil.There are so many variations you could make on this one, like “Daff,” “Daffy,” or “Dill.”
  5. Tulip. For your cute little Dutch queen.
  6. Poppy. Vibrant and iconic!
  7. Petunia. Yes, this is the name of John Mulaney’s French bulldog, but it can also be the name you call your sweet GF when you wake up and kiss her on the nose in the morning.
  8. Ferny. IDK, this one’s just cute. Who doesn’t love a fern?
  9. Lily. Unless her name is already Lily, in which case, pick some other beautiful, fragrant flower.
  10. Fiddle Leaf. If she’s a plant mom, she’ll appreciate this.
  11. Daisy. If she reminds you of a pretty little spring daisy, this one’s perf.
  12. Chrysanthemum. It’s big of a tongue twister but if you can say it correctly, it’s beautiful.
  13. Sunflower. When she’s bright and tall and makes you happy when you look at her.
  14. Iris. Like the Goo Goo Dolls song, and when your girl is elegant and sophisticated.
  15. Dandelion. For when they remind you of those little flowers you picked from the grass as a kiddo.

Pop-culture nicknames

  1. Lady Bridgerton. Ooo, she fancy, huh? Throw some respect on that name with this posh Bridgerton reference.
  2. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. The immortal words of Phoebe Buffay will live on as your new nickname for your Friends-obsessed girlfriend.
  3. Two Boobs Johnson. Remember when Jess from New Girl was trying to come up with her stripper name and she landed on “Two Boobs Johnson”? This nickname works for any couples who love to laugh.
  4. Dragon Mother. For non-Game of Thrones fans, this one may not make any sense. But IYKYK. Mother may I!
  5. Ratatouille. The only thing cuter than a cartoon rat who loves to cook is your GF.
  6. Lobster. Another Friends reference, but this time it’s Phoebe’s knee-buckling-ly cute description of Ross and Rachel as mates for life. Awww.
  7. Mamma Mia. Next stop? Honeymoon in Greece.
  8. McDreamy. Yes, this Grey’s Anatomy nickname originated as a man’s name, but your GF is dreamy AF. Let her know!
  9. Bucket Hat. If she wears lots of bucket hats, this niche Emily in Paris reference is a major plus.
  10. Eggo. Adorable nickname on its own, but Stranger Things fans will swoon even harder.
  11. Stitch. Like the rambunctious lil’ blue Disney alien, of course.
  12. Bluey. I mean, she’s kind of the cutest cartoon on TV right now, no?
  13. Googly Bear. Like what Celia called Mike Wazowski in Monsters Inc.
  14. Tinkerbell. Tough, cute, and maybe even tiny like the classic Peter Pan fairy.
  15. Sassy Smurf. A reference to both the silly cartoon *and* Ted Lasso, IYKYK.

Random nicknames that are still v cute.

  1. Bubba. An upgrade on the classic “Babe” or “Baby.”
  2. Love bug. Bordering on cringey, but still super sweet.
  3. Honeybear. Father John Misty said it best: “‘Cause I loooove you, Honeybear.”
  4. DJ *insert name here*. Funny, flirty, and thriving.
  5. Bangs McGee. For when her bangs are bangin’.
  6. Doll. Doll face” is retro in a cringe way. “Doll” is retro in a sweet way.
  7. Stud. Yes, your GF is a total stud. Let her know.
  8. Hot mama. Best used with a tinge of irony.
  9. Pumpkin. Delicious and nutritious.
  10. Freestyle with it! Rhyme something with her name and then shorten it and rhyme something with that. DIY done right.
  11. My other half. You need romantic nicknames in your rolodex, too.
  12. Sunshine. Use this one if she’s always in a happy, sunny mood.
  13. Milady. It’s corny, but if you say it with a smile, it’s also a classic.
  14. Dream Girl. I mean, she’s the girl of your dreams, isn’t she?
  15. Baby Doll. When you just want to rock them and care for them like your childhood toy.
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