You Deserve a Summer Bedding Upgrade, and We’ve Got the Goods

You Deserve a Summer Bedding Upgrade, and We’ve Got the Goods

Hello, and welcome to today’s edition of “How to Get a Solid Night of Sleep During the Dog Days of Summer Without Waking Up in a Sticky, Panicked Sweat Every Couple of Hours.” I’m so glad you’re here! Yes, one desperate and very tempting option to stay cool at night is to crank up your AC, thus running your energy bill up to ungodly prices. But another slightly more sustainable—and a hell of a lot more chic—alternative is to build a collection of easy, breezy summertime bedding.

Breegan Jane, a style expert for Marshalls and T.J.Maxx, and the host of HGTV’s Dream Home, says that the sunny season is actually one of the best times to update your bedding game. “You just hit your pillow differently in the summer,” she says. “Sometimes we want those super cozy vibes, but in the summer we’re going with white linens or a really fun floral print, because the last thing you want to feel is stuffy in your space.”

According to Jane, if there’s one key lesson that you, young grasshopper, should jot down to survive a sweaty girl summer, it’s that there are key materials and patterns that can get you through the Hot Times. So, if you need a teensy bit of guidance on what to look for now that Little Miss Summer Solstice has pulled up to the party, it’s time to whip out your notepad. Summer school is officially in session, with some majorly helpful insights from the experts.

Check out some tips below on how to set your room up for an actually dreamy warm weather sleeping situation, and peep our picks for the items you should cop to make it happen. Ready? Let’s go.

Grab breezy duvets and comforters

“I love a classic cotton, because it just wears well. That’s why it’s what our summer clothing is made from!” Jane says. When it comes to collecting bedding, a great rule of thumb is to look for the same breathable fabrics you see in your clothing drawers. Another great option? Linen. (You know, what every person on vacay in Italy is wearing rn?)

Don’t forget to lean into the summer vibes when it comes to prints as well. “I would say to go with one big stripe, or an oversized pattern,” says Jane. “One thing I see people do in the summer is pick up these very kitschy, busy patterns—those don’t wear as well. I like to keep everything light and monochromatic with a pop of [color] in the summer.” As a start, you can check out these comforters and duvets, made from lightweight materials like bamboo, eucalyptus, and yes, linen…

for a reversible piece

BedVoyage Bamboo Reversible Duvet

for a cutesy cotton set

Cotton Comforter

Sanracie Cotton Comforter

for that comfy quilt look

Quilt Bedding Set

Bedsure Quilt Bedding Set

for the prettiest eucalyptus material out there

Eucalyptus Duvet Cover

AiryWeight Eucalyptus Duvet Cover

You want pillows that *stay* cool on both sides

IDC if we’re in the thick of August, or trudging through the winter months. The healing capabilities of a cold pillow know no seasonal bounds. That’s why these are must-haves all year long:

for a pillow that stays cool

Sleep Essential Cooling Pillow

Casper Sleep Essential Cooling Pillow

for premium bamboo cushioning

Cooling Pillow

Flanhorest Cooling Pillow

Now 17% Off

Quality sheet sets = no sweat

After being outside and enjoying everything that summer has to offer, there’s nothing like hitting the hay…but only if said “hay” absorbs heat and moisture. Natural fiber fabrics like percale and sateen cotton are really running the sweat-wicking game these days, and you’re gonna want to hop on the bandwagon. We rounded up some highly-reviewed options here.

for a natural percale set

Organic Crinkled Percale™ Sheet Set

Coyuchi Organic Crinkled Percale™ Sheet Set

for the breeziest bundle

Eucalyptus Bundle

Sijo Home Eucalyptus Bundle

for a sleek satin-y sleep

Bamboo Sheet Set

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

for a boho chic set

Natural Belgian Flax Linen Sheet Set Cal. King

Pottery Barn Natural Belgian Flax Linen Sheet Set Cal. King

for luxurious linen

Linen+ Sheet Set

Ettitude Linen+ Sheet Set

for an amazing $ deal

Queen Quilt Bedding Set

Bedsure Queen Quilt Bedding Set

Now 40% Off

Sprinkle in some throw blankets and pillows

Were you aware that layering your bedding in the summer isn’t a complete no-no? In fact, it actually might improve your bed’s overall ~oomph factor~, according to Jane. She’s a major advocate for adding extra quilts and throws in the summertime, ’cause when that main blanket gets to be a bit too hot, your seemingly decorative ones will make for a much lighter backup plan. (They’re more than just a pretty face, you guys!)

Throw pillows should also be a part of the layering convo…just for aesthetics, tbh. For a bed that’ll double as a summer dreamscape, Breegan suggests picking out a base color and working from there. “Get that color in a bunch of different textures and patterns!” she says. “When it’s all one color, then you can really layer in the texture and life.”

Check out these v cute picks that’ll dress your bed for success.

for the classic quilt look

SHABBY CHIC Florence Pointelle Crochet Throw

TJ Maxx SHABBY CHIC Florence Pointelle Crochet Throw

for a patterned blanket

Sage Green Checkered Blanket Knit Throw Blanket

WESHIONGOO Sage Green Checkered Blanket Knit Throw Blanket

for something fluffy but lightweight

Puffer Blanket

for a textured pillow

17x19 Loop Pillow

Urban 86 17×19 Loop Pillow
Credit: TJ Maxx

for a pillow with unique shape

Soft Knot Ball Pillows

BYITRE Soft Knot Ball Pillows

for a pillow that’ll add some dimension

Batik Pillow Cover

When should I change my bedding for summer?

The second it’s safe to brunch outdoors! I kid, I kid. But honestly, getting an early start doesn’t hurt. Waiting until temperatures hit their yearly peak won’t allow you to get full use out of your warm-weather goods, so whip them out in mid-to-late spring.

How often should you change your bedding in summer?

Now, typically the rule is to wash your sheets every one to two weeks, but in the summertime, you should try to lean closer to that “one” side. Yes, it’s a pain, but when it’s hot out, your body answers, so sweat and body oils build up on the bedding wayyy faster. Wash your sets in warm or hot water to really help kill the bacteria, but, of course, be sure to consult the specific instructions on your items’ tags before throwing them in the machine.

How did we choose the best summer bedding?

It’s clear that these pieces are super cute, but that’s not all they’ve got going for ’em. They’ve each got their fair share of positive user reviews, and we take those quite seriously when choosing the best home decor out there. On top of that, a number of these bedding pieces have been tested in-house by Cosmo staff, so the comfiness is editor-approved. 🏆

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