You’ll Never Guess What Secrets Madison Bailey Spills for Cosmo Quiz

You’ll Never Guess What Secrets Madison Bailey Spills for Cosmo Quiz

You may know her as Kiara from Netflix’s Outer Banks, but Madison Bailey is more than just the roles she plays. Bails, as she’s affectionately called by her close besties, is our Pride Issue cover star and has sat down with us for another edition of Cosmo Quiz. The 411 on her relationship with former University of North Carolina basketball player Mariah Linney? Tea has been spilled and sipped. Her fav cocktail? Got the deets. The best album for a road trip?’s Frank Ocean’s Blonde.

The OBX star did more than just spill some quirky and cute facts about herself, though. She also gave some pretty damn inspiring messages and advice for Pride Month. I can’t give you allllll of her responses (keep watching the vid for that), but I will say that Bails’s advice is to always be unapologetically loud and yourself. If you want more Madison Bailey content (c’mon, I know you do), I’d suggest checking out her must-read cover story. It has some inside info about her career, friendships, and her mental health along with some amazing photos from her shoot. Like, that pic of her laying on a pool float dressed down in a Michael Lo Sordo bralette and Chloé pants? Iconic.

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