Your Last Tarot Card Reading in May Is Right Here

Your Last Tarot Card Reading in May Is Right Here

You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your Sun sign! Here’s what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality. Let’s go!


the tarot card for the five of coins, showing two people walking through a snowstorm in the background, a stained glass window shows five coins with a pentacle shape insdie eadh

Raydene Salinas Hansen/Rider-Waite deck

Sometimes we get blindsided by a sorrowful echo from our past. An old wound re-opens, seemingly for no reason, and we relive the pain we experienced long ago. It hurts. It still hurts. Okay, breathe. This is not something to dread or fear. Reassure yourself that this is just an echo. The Five of Coins reminds us that better times lie ahead. We can move on, work on stuff, build, and improve—the opportunity is always open to us all, every single day. The Five of Coins also reminds us that we survived whatever it was that hurt us in the past. Celebrate your strength, shed a tear for the ~old you~, and make plans for the future. You deserve them.

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the tarot card the five of cups, showing a cloaked figure standing on a riverbank looking down into the water, with five cups spilled around them

Raydene Salinas Hansen/Rider-Waite deck

Moping is not your style, but you really feel ~mopey~ right now, so I’ll give you a pass. Put on your PJs, get the chocolates (or wine or chips) out of the cupboard, put on your favorite comfort movie, and have your own little self-pity party. Wallow a while. The Five of Cups shows you need to ride this wave of sorrow out, and then get up, get busy, and get back to your normal, breezy self.


the tarot card the four of coins, showing a person standing on two coins and holding two more

Raydene Salinas Hansen/Rider-Waite deck

If any sign was vulnerable to getting stuck in a rut, it’s probably you, Taurus. The Four of Coins shows you’ve dug yourself into a hole, and it’s getting hard to climb out of it. Whatever behavior this is probably started as self-protection, or habit, or (forgive me) laziness, but now it’s causing issues and getting on your nerves. This week, you have to make a plan to shift this energy and do/be different. An concerted effort will move your ass out of the hole and back on the road!


the tarot card the nine of swords   a man sits up in bed with his face in his hands, and nine swords hang on the wall next to him

Rider-Waite deck/Raydene Salinas Hansen

Very few people realize what a semi-high level of anxiety you constantly live with. “Overdrive” is your default mental setting. The Nine of Swords brings some advice your way this week: Talk it through. Get whatever is inside your head out of your mouth, put it into words, and hear yourself say it out loud. Most of the angst will disappear like a cloud of smoke. Much of it just mental ~noise~. Expressing yourself will help dissolve the stress.


the tarot card the three of swords, showing a red heart stuck through with three swords, with a rainy sky behind it

Rider-Waite deck/Raydene Salinas Hansen

People can underestimate you and take your kindness for weakness…and I pity those people, because they don’t know who they’re messing with. The Three of Swords shows you recognizing that some people have taken massive liberties. Frankly, they’re shitty. And you know it. And you’re ready to act. Expect a week of tough conversations, blocking, and withdrawal. That might sound tough, but actually it will be a huge relief. It’s time to clear house, Cancer.


the tarot card the two of coins, showing a perosn in a short tunic and big hat holding two giant coins with a pentacle carved into them, one in each hand

Raydene Salinas Hansen/Rider-Waite deck

Ready to fill your schedule with wonderful magical events and activity? Good! The Two of Coins brings a surge of opportunity and invitations into your life, which will fill up any dull corners. Say “yes” to everything, and be ready to react spontaneously. You love to be in the center of things, and I am very pleased to report that is exactly where you’ll find yourself this week, Leo.


the tarot card the ace of coins, showing a giant disembodied hand reaching out from a cloud and holding a coin with a pentacle on it

Raydene Salinas Hansen/Rider-Waite deck

Change tends to make you anxious, Virgo, but you also know that change is probably the only constant in this life. Sometimes it’s more about the scale and pace of the transformation, and I’m happy to tell you that although change is coming your way, it’s more of an evolution than a revolution. The Ace of Coins sees you making decisions and starting projects that have far-reaching consequences, but which won’t fully unfold till later on. You’re planting seeds to reap down the line, and it makes you feel in control. Do what you know needs to be done your way. Take it steady and set your own pace.


the tarot card six of coins, showing two people kneeling in front of a person in fancy robes the fancy person is holding a scale and giving coins to the kneeling people

Raydene Salinas Hansen/Rider-Waite deck

Although you’re a social, charming person and everyone loves being around you, you’re not as warm and cuddly as everyone thinks. Many Librans have a blind spot when it comes to their own self-centeredness. However, you’re in the most magnanimous and generous mood ever this week, and everyone is thrilled to experience this side of you. Libra, doesn’t it feel good to make other people happy? Don’t you feel valued when you see the difference you can make? Give freely, often, and as much as you can. Do it without thought of your own reward. I promise karma is watching.


the tarot card the page of swords, showing a young person in a tunic and tights standing on the top of a hill, holding a sword

Rider-Waite deck/Raydene Salinas Hansen

Stop hedging your bets, Scorpio, and commit to something. There’s an edgy, on/off energy swirling around you, and it’s making you extremely cautious. I get it, but things can’t go on like this, because you’re not making progress—you’ve stalled. The Page of Swords asks you to follow the route that represents change, that makes you feel excited and expansive, and to get moving right away. No regrets, no second guessing. Commit to this decision.

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the tarot card the knight of coins or pentacles, showing a knight sitting on a horse that's standing still on the ground the knight is holding a giant gold coin with a star shaped pentacle on it

Rider-Waite deck/Raydene Salinas Hansen

You’re not usually one for planning, scheduling, future-proofing, or even making well-researched and careful decisions re: work, money, home, and health, but that’s not the case this week. The Knight of Coins brings a hard-headedness to your thinking which is welcome and necessary. There’s no benefit in procrastinating right now. Instead, you need research, preparation and control. Get to work.


the tarot card the knight of wands, showing a knight in armor riding on a horse over desert scenery, holding up a wooden staff

Rider-Waite deck/Raydene Salinas Hansen

You’re about to embark on an exciting adventure, Cap, which will renew your appreciation for living! This isn’t something you’ve planned or set expectations for—instead, it’s going to arise out of the blue, and you’re going to say “yes.” The Knight of Wands shows that travel is likely, romance is possible, inspiring discoveries are probable, and high-octane excitement is on the cards. Enjoy your life, Cap! Let loose and have fun. You deserve this!


the tarot card strength, showing a person in a dress petting a lion

Raydene Salinas Hansen/Rider-Waite deck

You’re an incredibly strong sign, Aquarius, because you possess natural self-confidence, assertiveness, logical thinking, and a moral GPS that always points you in the right direction. The Strength tarot card sees others leaning on you this week, and for good reason. You can help them out and really make a difference. Be a rock for others, and you’ll feel strong, capable, valued—all of which feels mighty good indeed.


cartoon, fictional character, illustration, art, fiction, games, comics,

Raydene Salinas Hansen/Rider-Waite deck

Solo projects are where it’s at for you this week, Pisces, so focus on making progress on your ideals, goals, and plans. The Queen of Swords brings clarity, focus, and energy to anything that needs concentration and sustained attention. Tackle the hardest things first, and surprise yourself with how far you can get. It’s all about YOU right now. You can go far.

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