Your Ultimate Guide to Every Type of Hair Removal


What you choose to do with your body hair is your choice. We can’t help but applaud everyone out there who fully embraces their fuzzy pits, leg hair, and everything in between, though it’s definitely not uncommon to be someone who prefers a more hairless landscape. If that’s the case for you, the good news is you’re definitely not short on options in terms of the different hair removal methods that are out there, and you might be curious to know which one might work best for you.

That in mind, we’ve done the literal leg-work (along with some on our underarms, bikini lines, brazilian areas, etc.) to find out everything we could about laser hair removal, waxing, epilating, shaving, sugaring, threading, and using depilatories.

Read on to learn more about body hair removal — including how much each one of these methods hurts.
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